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How Do We Do It?

Proven Strategies

Strategies developed over 40 years of helping the best advisors in the industry become better.

Best Practices

All of our strategies are distilled down into actionable, repeatable, best practices.

Exclusive Offer for Stratos Advisors

Find out how much you can save because of our unique relationship with Stratos Wealth Partners

Practice Management

Build the team that will take you to 1M in production and if you're already there...How about 1B in AUM and beyond?

Branded Content

Our branded content is intelligent, personal, and helps you increase your revenue year after year.

Proprietary Technology

Our CRM is built to help you implement our growth system. Automating office procedures, marketing, and more.

Don't Just Take It From Us

Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a small boutique advisor based out of South Carolina. 

When starting on our system she said she had her concerns due to the big promises and low delivery of other industry ‘helpers’ she’s worked with in the past. 

Recently she reached out in August to say that is no longer the case. 

She said that 4 years ago, before they began with BGM, they were stuck  $76M in AUM for years and just couldn’t get past the $100M mark.

In the last 4 years they have raised AUM to $165M.

She said they have only implemented SOME of our system and know there is more they can do and, if they are able to even accelerate that pace, it will make for some exciting years to come.

Jacqueline explained to us she could not have raised that much in AUM without what he has learned from our system

Meet Mark

“Before I started working with Bill Good Marketing, I was struggling to grow consistently. Then I decided to work with Bill Good Marketing.

I went to Gorilla Training and put in place what I learned there.Then I went to Launchpad. The marketing training I got there was great, but what really made a difference was the business planning skills I learned, as well as the processes I should be implementing on a daily basis.

Launchpad helped me gain a focus on what I should be spending my time on that actually creates growth. As a result, my production was $600,000, and hit $700,000 the next year.”

“I rarely have a prospect, or client for that matter, who comes in for their appointment with all of their documents and the top of pile is a Bill Good letter. That helps me know they came in because of those letters. Bill Good has helped me double my production a couple of times since I have joined with them.”

Special Stratos Wealth Partners Offer:

FREE Two Year Marketing Plan

Bill Good Marketing has been helping financial advisors grow their businesses for over 40 years. In that time we’ve developed a strategic framework that can help any advisor double their business in just a few short years.

We’ve had clients double two, three and even four times over the years of working with us. 

Each and every one of those doubles started with our growth plan. Whether you are an RIA, or working with a broker dealer, just getting started or have decades of service under your belt our two year plan can put you on the path to new growth.

Your Personalized Plan

This is not a boiler-plate plan, but one tailored to you and is specific to financial advisors working with Stratos Wealth Partners. We’ve worked with 1000’s of advisors across the spectrum of companies. 

We know the complexities of both sides and compliance. We will factor in everything from your likes and dislikes to the speed at which you’re prepared to move.

What Will A Growth Plan Do For You?

This consultation with one of our top coaches will show you:

  • The current state of your business and what it will takes to double
  • How long it will take for you to double your business
  • The exact steps it will take for you to achieve a double

You can waste a lot of time and money figuring out what works. With this growth plan the exact steps you need to take are laid out for you.

We’ll show you:

  • Which prospecting channels to focus on
  • How to generate more referrals
  • How to find and capture more assets from existing clients
  • What metrics to shoot for, and more!

What's the Process?

First, you’ll fill out a short survey with some key details about the current state of your business. 

After, we’ll set up a call to discuss the results of your survey so we can put together your plan. A coach will go through the plan with you during your consult.

What you do next is up to you.

You can take that plan and put it to use as many other advisors have. If you should decide that you’d like some help putting this plan into action, we’d be more than happy to work with you to grow your business.

Helping advisors grow is our passion, and life’s work.

Still not sure?

Here at Bill Good Marketing, we help advisors just like you “do a double” every year. It is totally possible if you have a plan on how to get there.

 Some wise philosopher once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” As a financial advisor, you know that better than most. 

So ask yourself:

  • Do you have a written plan, or is it all in your head?
  • Do you keep it up to date?
  • Do you refer to it frequently?

If the answer to any of those questions is NO, get started today.

The best time to get started is today, to be ready for tomorrow.
If you decide you’d like help putting this plan into action, we can help with that too.

Access Your Exclusive Webinar

Mergers & Acquisitions - AdvisorCon 2021

Featuring Jeff Concepcion, Peter Boronkay, and Marc Spiegel

Over the last twelve months, we’ve had countless conversations with advisors of all sorts and styles. During those conversations, we’ve learned three important facts:

More advisors are looking to retire than ever before. (Did you know there are currently more CFP®s over the age of 70 than there are under the age of 30?)

More books of business – ranging from $25M to nearly a billion in size – are becoming available every year.

Many of the top advisors on our System are focusing more and more – some exclusively – on buying a new book to grow their own.

Once upon a time, buying a book was a niche activity, but it’s rapidly becoming more mainstream.

It’s no exaggeration to say that buying a book may now be the most direct, efficient way to grow your business. Period.

Jeff Conception Webinar

Jeff Concepcion 
Founder and CEO of Stratos Wealth Partners

Whether you’re actively looking to buy a book, or the opportunity just falls into your lap one day – it happens more than you think – it’s time for you to learn how to do it the good way. So, we’ve put together a special panel all about the art and science of book-buying!

They’ll teach you:

  • How to know if buying a book is the right way for you to grow your business
  • Where to look for, and how to cultivate, opportunities to buy a book
  • Book valuation and how to ensure you pay a fair price
  • The myths, misconceptions, and common mistakes advisors make when buying a book

About Your Speakers

Jeff Concepcion

Jeff Concepcion is the founder and CEO of Stratos Wealth Partners. Over the course of his career, he has purchased dozens of books. As a result, he knows everything there is to know about how to grow your business through this approach.

According to Jeff, “Almost every advisor in the industry should combine organic and inorganic growth strategies. Buying a book of business is now easier and more effective than ever.”

On this panel, Jeff will share his knowledge with you, focusing especially on:

  • How to leverage intermediaries, wholesalers, and other COIs to get book-buying referrals
  • How to analyze a potential purchase and determine what type of book is right for you
  • What to say to an advisor prospect…and where to say it
  • After buying a book, how to keep the accounts you want…and what to do with the ones you don’t
  • The differences between buying a small book of business and a large one
  • How to structure a deal so that it never falls apart and leads to a significant boost in your own AUM!

Peter Boronkay

Peter Boronkay is an advisor and author based in Vancouver, Canada.

Early in his career, Peter decided that he didn’t want to grow his business the traditional way. Instead, he wanted to go the direct route: Grow his own book by purchasing others.

Unfortunately, he was discouraged from doing this by his branch manager at the time.

Fast forward to 2009. By this point, Peter had built a thriving practice, but he was done with prospecting. So, he turned back to his original plan. Since then, he’s bought three books, and has several more deals in the works.

On this panel, Peter will show you how to approach buying a book like you would any prospecting campaign: By identifying qualified advisor prospects, building a relationship with them, and then closing them when they’re ready.
He’ll reveal:
  • How to build a list of advisors who may want to sell their book in the next few years
  • How to build Top of Mind Awareness with these advisors, just like you would with a normal prospect
  • How to demonstrate your expertise to both the other advisor and their clients, so that the transition goes smoothly
  • His interesting and efficient process for integrating a new book without any problems or setbacks

Marc Spiegel is a long-time Gorilla and the head of an OSJ in southern California. As one of the premier advisors in his area, Marc never felt a need to go looking for other books to buy.

Instead, other books found him.

Over the course of 18 months, Marc has purchased and integrated two very different books of business. Both essentially “fell into his lap”, in that their owners were retiring and needed an experienced, trustworthy successor to care for their clients.

For Marc, the challenge wasn’t buying a book. It was integrating it. Both books came with significant servicing and investment issues – issues Marc had to solve before he could truly benefit from all those new assets. (Hint: Many of his new clients came with extremely sketchy portfolios that needed immediate fixing.) 

So, on this panel, Marc will share:

  • How to handle issues that may arise when integrating a new book
  • What to do and say to engender immediate trust with your new clients
  • How to transition clients to your investing philosophy in a way that makes them feel comfortable, and even excited!
  • How to use your brand as a trustworthy, caring, well-mannered expert to turn your new clients into advocates

Webinar Recording

Interested? Call us at 1-888-495-7303

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