Summer Prospecting Strategies for Financial Advisors

Six Summer Prospecting Strategies For Financial Advisors

summer prospecting

Most advisors take a break from prospecting during the summer, thinking there’s nothing they can do that will work. 

They couldn’t be more wrong.

summer prospecting

Make no mistake, prospecting can be difficult during the summer.  But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  There are several prospecting strategies that actually work well when the weather gets hot.  Some are no-brainers.  Others are a bit more outside the box.  All will enable you to generate new leads and maintain momentum.  

To help, we’ve created a FREE infographic listing SIX proven prospecting strategies that work during the summer. 

The infographic also contains tips and examples on how to get the most out of each strategy.  


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Why Most FAs Stop Prospecting During the Summer

  • They have it in their head that prospecting just won’t work no matter what they do.
  • Because so many people go on vacation, seminars and cold calling tend to dry up…and most FAs can’t think of any other way to prospect.  
  • The golf course beckons.  

Because most FAs stop prospecting, or waste time and money on things that don’t work, you have a major opportunity to jump in and dominate your market.  


The Three Keys to Summer Prospecting

There are three keys to making prospecting work during the summer.  Here they are, in ascending order of importance:

  1. List Building.  One way to make summer prospecting work is to focus on building a small, targeted list of extremely desirable prospects.  Rather than trying to cast as wide a net as possible, focus on a few specific people with specific needs or goals.  You’ll understand why once you download our free infographic.  
  2. Leverage your relationships.  This summer, focus not on making the quick sale, but on enhancing your relationship with other professionals, and leveraging the relationships you already have with your clients. As you’ll see in the infographic, it’ll pay dividends down the road.

And the most important key to summer prospecting…

3. To make prospecting work this summer, start in the spring.

This is the most important thing to understand about prospecting: Any prospecting effort, in any season, requires consistency and momentum.  Think of it like trying to dislodge a boulder from the top of a hill.  First, you have to dig around the boulder.  You have to kick and push and wiggle it loose.  Only after you’ve done that will gravity kick in.  

The same is true here.  All of the ideas in this infographic will work, but they’ll work even better if you start implementing them NOW.  That way, by the time summer rolls around, gravity will have already kicked in.


Get the Infographic


So ask yourself:

Do you want to keep the leads flowing this summer, or would you rather take three months off and lose all momentum?

Do you want follow the herd and quit prospecting – or do things that don’t work – or take advantage and dominate your market?  

Do you want six FREE ideas on how to make prospecting work during the summer?


Then click here to download our infographic on Summer Prospecting.

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