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The Family Financial Advisor – Rob Kremer

The Family Financial Advisor:

Prospecting the Next Generation

What if you could retain 100% of their assets every time a client dies?

What if you could become the advisor of record for entire families, going four to five generations deep?

What if we could give you a formula that would stuff your basket full of ready-made prospects… simply by talking to the clients you already have?

Well, you don’t have to wonder “what if”. Because can do those things right now. You can learn how to become the FAMILY FINANCIAL ADVISOR for entire generations of clients. All you have to do is attend our webinar and apply what you will learn.

This is Rob Kremer. In 2021, he was named in Forbes’ BEST-IN-STATE WEALTH ADVISORS list, an incredible achievement. And with 900+ households and over $500M in AUM, Rob is certainly one of the top FAs on the Bill Good Marketing System.

Bill Good 
Founder & Chairman
Bill Good Marketing

Rob Kremer AIF®
Financial Advisor

He’s also the best in the business at building the brand we call the Family Financial Advisor.

Since 2014, we’ve been helping financial advisors with this brand. It’s part of the solution to a major problem now infecting the practice of a lot of veteran advisors.

What is that problem? Simply put, you have a major leak in your pipeline.

Let’s call it an “heir leak”. When your prized client Bob Jones dies, somewhere between 66% and 98% of his assets will grow wings and take flight.

But what if you are branded as the Jones Family Financial Advisor? Suppose you already have accounts open with the siblings, the kids, and possibly grandkids? Then all those assets take root and grow – and will likely become your biggest accounts in the future. 

Rob Kremer has mastered this process. When we spoke to him about this last summer, we asked, “How often do you lose an inheritance?” 

His answer: “Almost never.” 

He then went on to share that he often adds assets by getting the beneficiaries to bring in money from their other accounts. Furthermore, he said, in many cases, he’s the Family Advisor for up to five generations of clients. 

Five generations! 

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it: Becoming the Family Financial Advisor is one of the biggest investments you can make in your own practice. It leads to money now and money later. It helps you keep what you have… forever. So, whether you have $50M in AUM or $500M, you must not miss this presentation.    
On this webinar, Rob and Bill are going to take a deep dive and show you:
  • How to retain nearly 100% of a client’s assets after they die. 
  • How to identify, meet, and cultivate beneficiaries and heirs – so you can be there the moment they need financial advice of their own. 
  • Which facets of your clients’ lives you need to know that will lead to referrals and introductions to their family members. (Hint: Travel plans are a big one!)
  • How Rob uses a special monthly newsletter to build Top of Mind Awareness with client heirs and beneficiaries. 
  • Event ideas for getting in front of your top client’s entire family. 
  • The process for opening an account with client family members. (This is the key step to being seen as the Family Financial Advisor.) 
  • The role data mining and relationship mapping plays in prospecting the next generation.  
This webinar is all about building the perfect pipeline. And with all the market uncertainty right now, there has never been a better time to prospect. You heard that right. There has never been a better time to prospect than right now. Careers will be made over the next several months. 

But this won’t happen if your assets leak out the back end of your prospecting pipeline. So let us show you how to prospect the next generation and become the advisor-of-record for your version of Bob Jones’ family. We can’t wait to see you there!
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