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The Letters Library

The Letters Library

Over 4,000 pieces of professionally-written, compliance-approved content your clients and prospects will actually want to read.

Every advisor using our System follows this rule:

"Every client and prospect gets a letter once a month on a topic of interest to them."

How do they do this? Through our incredible Letters Library, where you will find everything from educational articles to feel-good holiday messages to seminar invitations and more. In fact, many were originally written by financial advisors just like you!

Promote Your Brand

Want to position yourself as an expert in your field? Anxious to promote a specific specialty or service? Now you can with our unparalleled collection of educational letters, including messages on:

Grow your business by promoting your brand


I sent out your Election Day letters to my clients. Several of them passed those letters around, and the result is about $4 million in new assets from referrals from those letters. These new clients came in because their advisors are not sending that type of information.”
Steve Harvey, Virginia

Generate New Business Now

Want to capture more client assets or convert more prospects? Many of our letters are designed specifically with immediate business in mind. Through the Letters Library, you can:


Over the last few months, we have mailed 4 letters to a 401(k) participant. This morning, a guy stopped in the office and said, “I’ve been getting your letters and liked what I read; I wanted to come in to see you.” His wife (the participant) just left her employer and now wants to roll her 401(k). She also has a traditional IRA and a ROTH as well (all somewhere else). So does he. They are selling a rental property and will have that cash available to invest as well. She asked if we could help them with all of it. He does not have email, but has six figures for us to invest. Dear Bill: please stop marketing your System to my competitors.”
Curtis Neuman, Florida

Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness

These days, it’s critical you maintain “top-of-mind-awareness” with all your clients and prospects. TOMA, as we call it, increases client engagement, which leads to more assets, referrals, and loyalty. And it makes prospects wonder why they’re working with some advisor they never hear from when they could be working with you. Just run any of our pre-written “drip” campaigns, including:

Be the first advisor prospects think of


I had a prospect who was procrastinating since the death of her husband in 2015. She was stalled after interviewing several advisors. But I sent her educational letters, birthday letters, holiday letters, and market “don’t panic” letters over the span of eight months. As a result, your Letters Library helped me close a $2.7 million client yesterday.”
Marc Spiegel, California

Create Goodwill with Clients & Prospects

It’s simple: the more goodwill you build with people, the more they want to do business with you. Creating goodwill is a snap thanks to the Letters Library, which consists of:

Build trust and goodwill with clients and prospects


The Letters Library contains the best collection of letters and information in one place. Bill’s birthday letters are an especially big hit with my clients! Using them definitely saves me time, as I would never be able to write all the letters that the Letters Library has given me!”
W.K., South Carolina

Hold Your Clients’ Hands Whenever Volatility Strikes

Whenever there’s a market correction, advisors can either run and hide, or educate their clients on what’s going on and what to do about it. We release new handholding letters whenever there’s major news in the markets or the global economy – often on the very same day! In fact, we often beat your Broker/Dealer when it comes to releasing timely content.

In our experience, sending handholding letters alone will lead to more growth.


I sent out Bill Good’s newest handholding letter on China and the recent market volatility. A client is now transferring in about $250,000 from Vanguard. Another client came in this morning with the letter and said, ‘You are spot on as it gets.” He is now transferring in the last $1,300,000 from the competition.”
R.M, Texas

Find what you need quickly, download your compliance-approved version, and send!

Whether you’re looking for a letter on maximizing Social Security benefits, an article on ETFs versus mutual funds, or a Chanukah message, you can find it easily in our Letters Library. Search by keyword, browse by category, or hop into our handy support chat to ask for an expert recommendation.

Want to learn more about how our content helps our advisors stand out, generate referrals and create solid, steady growth?

Call Jill Webster at 888-495-7303 for a free demo!

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