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Mastery Bundle

The training that your team needs to generate more prospects, develop more leads, convert more clients, and get more referrals so you can grow assets under management.

Become a Relationship and Prospecting Master!

It can be hard to succeed when you don’t have a steady stream of prospects and referrals to nurture and close. The Mastery Bundle will help solve these common issues and more! These two courses will show you how to fill your pipeline with interested, qualified prospects from relationship marketing, cold calling, mass marketing, referrals and more. 

Taught By Bill Good Himself
These Two Online Courses Will Cover

Inbound Organic Leads

In this session you'll learn how to strengthen your personal relationships and message so leads ask you for advice.

Calling Skills

Great phone skills are essential for success. Learn how to leverage a short phone call to set more appointments, find more money, and get referrals.

Lead Generation

Learn the "Good Way" to uncover the thing that leads want to improve their financial life so they'll want to speak with you more at an appointment.

Campaign and List Development

Learn how to get the results you want by mastering the seven variables that dictate how profitable your campaigns will be, and much more.

Sales Pipeline Management

Prevent opportunities from falling through the cracks, keep leads warm and sales steady through an effective pipeline built on our structured, professional, and repeatable processes.

Lead Development

Explore the key tools that can help you increase interest with qualify leads until they are nurtured into a hot lead before you ever try to close them.

Direct Mail Prospecting

It has been said that Bill Good is one of the world’s premier direct mail writers. Learn how to create response-generating direct mail letters and how to follow up with those leads to get the appointments you want.

The Trusted Advisor Relationship

You want to be sole provider for all clients who follow your advice. In this session you will learn everything you need to know to not only create, but maintain the trusted advisor relationship.

Marketing Through Contact Management

This session is designed to get your team working together to capture, store and reference important information, and most importantly put it to work.

and So Much More!

There are too many subjects covered to list them all. But, we can say by the end of these two courses your team will be prospecting and relationship management masters.

Your access gets you one full year of the course

Take your time, do a section, and get it implemented. Do the next section, make sure everyone is on the same page. There is a LOT of information in this course. Make sure you get the most out of it. 

Do it solo, or with the whole team.

Your one-year license isn’t limited to one person. Your team may consist of one person or twelve. One license means you can train as many people on your team as you like.


Access the course anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

Organic growth. You want it, right? 

The Mastering Relationship Management course will teach everything your team needs to be a fully-fledged Relationship Manager – someone who can leverage all your existing relationships to create the organic growth you crave.

If new clients is your focus in 2020?

Then don’t skip Prospecting Mastery! We’ll cover more than 20 subjects you need to know to fill your pipeline full of interested, qualified prospects.

Feedback For The Mastery Bundle

This course taught me that people are loyal to people. Not the brand, not the firm, but the trust that you foster in them over time. Learning how to build that trust will forever change my life and my career. Thank you for giving me that gift!

E. Ellison

The shift in my team has been phenomenal. We're operating as one, with a laser focused flow for every step, from lead to client to advocate. Everyone knows exactly what they're supposed to do and when.

Ed S.

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