The Systems that Brought this Team Over 13M in New AUM - Bill Good Marketing

The Systems that Brought this Team Over 13M in New AUM

The Systems that Brought this
Team Over $13M in New AUM

Special Guests: Bob Bennie & Jessie Thomspon

Since the pandemic began, no prospecting channel has exploded quite like webinars. Why? Because webinars can be an incredible source of new assets…for an equally-incredible low cost.

In fact, when it comes to ROI, there may be no better form of prospecting than webinars!

But webinars should not just be a replacement for traditional seminars and client events. Webinars come with their own advantages, their own challenges… and their own best practices.

In this webinar you will learn exactly what those best practices are from a team who has taken the time to master them and has struck gold in the process.

We both know starting webinars in this business isn’t easy. You need to know how to create content, convert traffic into leads, and then convert those leads into appointments.

When you’re just getting started, it’s hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

But, we have good news.

Bob Bennie has done all the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on building your own business using his proven methods.

Being featured in Barron’s top 1000 Financial Planners and a major player in the industry for over two decades, Bob is no stranger to taking the necessary steps to find new ways to grow his business.
Since implementing webinars within the last year Bob’s business has grown astronomically.

But that’s not to say that Bob did this all on his own. Part of this rapid growth required the commitment of an entire team.

Bob Bennie

Bob Bennie
Bob Bennie Wealth Management

Jessie Thompson
Marketing Specialist
Bob Bennie Wealth Management

Matt Hicken

Matt Hicken
Sr. VP of Client Success
Bill Good Marketing 

As the saying goes, “It takes two flints to make fire.”

That other flint?

Jessie Thompson.

Bob’s partner and marketing specialist has helped him, her father, every step of the way in implementing the systems necessary to growth. 

In this one-hour webinar Bob and Jessie will show you the systems they have implemented this year to bring in over $13M in New AUM.

They’ll tell you exactly which tools they use, how they have structured their team and where they get most of their traffic from (hint – it’s not Google).

During this webinar Bob and Jessie will dive deep into:

  • How to pick webinar topics that catch attention.
  • What their process is for amassing large amounts of qualified attendees (Their last invite had over 20 people signed up within a couple of hours of sending it). 
  • How they have structured the team to handle the additional workload.
  • How creating word-of-mouth is essential to building their brand.
  • How their team has pivoted from a live event to webinar and got MORE appointments.
  • How they use multiple media channels to bring traffic to their site and to their webinars.
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