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One of the things I learned from Bill Good was the team concept and how it would help me to leverage my time. With a team, I could be out of the office bringing in new assets and developing new client relationships, while my team was handling the administrative and promotional things needed to fuel the pipeline.

The enormous boost to my career came from just that one change.

Ira Walker
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#1 Team on WallStreet

The Bill Good Marketing System®: Helping Power the Walker Group since October 1988.


h2-iconIra Recommends: Margaret Maul’s 1988 Lecture “How to Become a $2 Million Producer”

In my original Research Magazine article on Ira, I wrote:

As an added bonus, I dug up a recording of a talk Ira attended 25 years ago to which he attributes some of his success. It’s as fresh and relevant today as it was in 1988.

Margaret Maul was the presenter. In one of our interviews, Ira told me, “From Margaret Maul, I got the concept that you have to present, implement, and execute. Clients want to do business with you. Years ago, people didn’t understand that. They were afraid to cold call. They were afraid to do seminars. They don’t get that concept that clients want to be invested. They want you to implement and execute a portfolio that you have developed for them.”

Margaret delivered that speech at the Second Annual Conference on Gorilla Marketing.

Margaret was then at the Prudential Securities office in Fresno, CA. She was one of the first $2 million producers in the industry.

A powerhouse, her name fit.

In attendance was a young Ira Walker.

Margaret’s talk had a profound effect on Ira. She had built one of the first teams. She only accepted A-clients—people who would do what she told them to do.

She took many of the industry assumptions and stood them on their heads.

A popular idea still is that an FA should prepare a financial plan before someone becomes a client. Margaret reversed that. “When you become a client, I will prepare a financial plan for you.”

And you will need to listen carefully because the quality of the recording equipment was, shall we say, non-optimum.

Margaret was a powerful, charismatic pioneer in financial services. Sadly, she passed away in August 2008. Listen to “How to Build a $2 Million Team” by Margaret Maul.

A Marketing System for Financial Advisors

Very early, Ira and I had arguments about “How high is up?” I thought then that the ceiling for what I had created was about $2 million. Ira blew that away.

Experience your OWN power surge.

Investigate the system that powers some of the top Advisors in the industry.



Great players have coaches. The coaches teach the great players vital skills and concepts. Great players implement and execute. Here are some of Ira’s comments about our relationship.

“The referral-based marketing program we used was based on your assessment that most of my business was coming from referrals. The core of what we do is what you recommended. It’s a dynamic process. A lot of the things that used to work don’t work anymore. Things change and you’ve helped me stay on top of what’s changing in the marketing universe.”

In my article on Ira, I promised you Ira’s communication plan. It’s right here for you. Andrea Dagnelli, who handles sales and marketing for the Walker Group, sent this to me.

Get a primer on financial services email marketing. Is this all Ira uses? You will need to register first.

IconThe Walker Group Communication Plan

Team Development and Model Day Resources

It is literally true that spectacular success in the financial services industry comes from implementing more best practices. The first half of time management is having more of it. “The secret” to more time is having a well-structured team. There is a huge difference between a bunch of people “doing stuff,” and a team where each member knows and does his or her job efficiently and effectively. If you want to get a team together, or need to get your current team better organized, register and download and use the Team Development and Model Day resources I’ve provided.

IconSurefire Team Development

IconTime Management for Financial Advisors

IconThe Model Day: Key to Better Time Management

IconThe Model Day Workbook

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