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Being one of our clients, you’ve experienced our training, tactics, campaigns, and content.

They have helped you attain the level of growth you set out to achieve. For some of you, this is enough. You’re happy. Yet we know that there are some of you who still aren’t satisfied with where you’re at.

You want to hit new heights. You want to be the best in your region, your branch, your class. You also have the drive, the team, and the runway to do it.

For you, I am happy to announce that we now have the capabilities to help you grow faster than ever before. And we will help you do it by focusing on organic growth channels, team building, and magnifying your client experience.

Welcome to the new gold standard in Growth Acceleration.


client success

Matt Hicken

Senior vp client success

Matt has a combined 20 years’ experience working with advisors from a consultative and practice management role. He understands the industry, as well as the unique challenges you face as a business owner and advisor. He has the tools, the processes, and the real-world experience building a half a billion-dollar practice. And he will be sharing them with you.

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Pre- Consultation

Our time together in your office will be jam packed with training and hands on work. To make the most of that time, and to ensure the training and plan is catered to your specific practice, there needs to be some work done prior to day one.

1. You have already filled out the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire to give us some of the information about your practice. In this call, Matt will dive a little deeper. He will be looking for those aspects of your practice which need some tweaking or an overhaul to get you to your Triple Double.
Your entire team must be on this call.

2. You will receive an agenda, tailored to your team, along with some assignments to print some key reports to have available during the consultation.

The Consultation

Your Consultation will be divided into three sections.
Each section will be custom tailored to your team and situation.  Within each section below, we have listed those things which are commonly needed and discussed.
Each of the bullet points discussed below are items that could be addressed depending on the needs discussed in the Pre-Consultation Call.


These are the areas of your practice which must be in place for new assets to successfully flow into your practice and not out.  It also sets the stage for your prospect pipeline. 

Your Suite of Services

In this portion of your consultation we will discuss the services you offer and how you present them.  We will discuss:

  • Your Investment Philosophy
  • Your Team’s 30 Second Response to “How do you manage my money?”
  • Client Segmentation and services offered to each segment
  • Investment Management Flow
  • Meeting Processes. From the workflow before the meeting to long after which will ensure a great client experience.
  • Concierge Services you can and do offer.

The Team

We will be sitting with each team member to discuss the following:

  • Job Descriptions and Duties matched to the best team member
  • Establishing the Expert Identity for each Role
  • Time Management Best Practices
  • Develop Written Procedures for each job duty.

Pipeline Design

To develop a successful, constantly flowing pipeline of leads there first needs to be a deliberate plan.  To create that plan we will go through the following:

  • Thoroughly Profile the Ideal Client
  • Your Market Evaluation (competition, numbers, etc.)
  • Brand Communication Strategy

The Pipeline

For this portion of the consultation, we will be developing or fine tuning the strategies and efforts to bring in new clients.  We will also begin the process of implementation of these strategies.

Constant Lead Generation

We need to develop a portion of your lead generation which will establish a regular number of new clients each year.

  • Client Introduction – Establishing clear, repeatable, and fun methods to engineer social introductions from your ideal clients.
  • The Client Experience – We will discuss events, WOW moments and Advocate Training (this is where that 30 Second Response will become critical)
  • Strategic Partnerships and/or Centers of Influence

Target Marketing

We will be crafting your story, developed or fine tuned in our Foundations section, so that we can reach and impact your ideal clients.  Possible methods of accomplishing this include:

  • Seminars
  • Direct Mail
  • Cold Calling
  • Digital Marketing
  • Establishing Community Brand Recognition


In this final portion of developing your pipeline and its’ message, we will sit down and calendar out your actions to put this plan in motion.  We will also work together to craft the wording and use the invaluable Bill Good Marketing Resources as source material.

Keep It Moving

This industry does not lack for good ideas.  Wholesalers, company wide meetings, conference calls, and colleagues all have wonderful ideas.  The biggest problems in this, and any, industry is implementing the best ideas, testing their actual success and making sure they happen regularly going forward, without fail.  To close our consultation, we will be putting those systems into place which will help solve these big problems.


We will go over all meetings you are having and should be having.  We will make sure they are efficiently accomplishing their purposes and helping you achieve the success your plan will generate.

Team Growth Plan

In this section we will discuss who you should hire and when that should take place.  We will also discuss compensation strategies with the long view in mind.

Budget Tracking

Every business must keep track of their profits and losses. 
If you have one set up already, we will review it and map out how it will be affected going forward.  If you do not have one in place, we will walk through putting one together.

Post Consultation Follow-up

We will have monthly coaching calls for 12 months following our consultation.  The purpose of these calls will be to address those things that will change or modify the plan we created together.  It will also be to make sure that those actions we started turn into the “effortless” actions going forward.

Continue your journey and reach your goals faster.

I believe being an advisor is a noble calling. Their position allows them to help clients achieve their dreams. My goal is to make sure that every advisor we work with feels the relief that comes when the processes are in place, which ensures they can keep their focus on their clients while achieving their goals in this industry." - Matt

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