The 2017 Bill Good Marketing Users' Conference

The 2017 Users' Conference

“It’s never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

If you’re reading this, it’s because you weren’t able to attend our 2017 Users’ Conference. The good news is that even though you couldn’t come to Users’ Conference, Users’ Conference can still come to you!

We are pleased to announce that we are now open to preorders for our Users’ Conference DVDs. This is something we release every year, and it’s always one of our most popular products.

This year, your order will get you a DVD of each individual speaker presentation, as well as an audio MP3 CD. 

The men and women who spoke at this conference are some of the brightest stars in the industry. The fact they were willing to share their time and talents with people who are supposed to be competitors is remarkable, and probably unique to the industry.

On these DVDs, you will learn what’s working when it comes to growing your business. Some of what you learn is big picture stuff. But you’ll also learn a lot of simple tweaks and refinements you can make right now that will have a profound effect on your practice.

We know you have goals that you want to reach. The information and best practices found on these DVDs will help you reach them. Watch the video below to see what attendees thought of the conference.

To purchase your Users’ Conference DVDs, call:
Michelle Graves at 800-678-1480 ext. 1309


Speakers And Topics

Bill Good

The Best Way to Sell Advice

Bill will show you new ways to improve your selling skills and closing ratio by making a few simple (but powerful) adjustments.

What attendees said they learned from Bill’s presentation:
“Learned how to achieve better branding, better quality of written materials for prospects and clients, and how to run a better sales process. Terrific & timely!”
“Helped identify and articulate a great sales process that is compliant with DOL!”
“By having a process, I will be able to leverage my selling skills. Thanks, Bill, for putting the selling process in perspective!”

Ed Blumenthal

Getting to 1 Billion: How to structure your time and your team

Ed will talk about what it’s like sitting on top of a $1.3 billion financial advisory practice and how he and his team manage day-to-day with 800 households. In addition, Ed and Bill will introduce the “$1B Team Organization Chart.”

What attendees said they learned from Ed’s presentation:
“I learned about relationship mapping. His practice and path is similar to ours, except he’s 10 years ahead. Gives me confidence that we can get to $1 billion, too.”
“It’s possible to manage $1B if you have a solid team and process for everything! This will help me be more organized and efficient in order to be more productive.”
“The way Ed’s team is structured really helped me get a better idea of what a team needs to look like. Also learned the importance of mapping relationships and rewarding the referral, not the sale.”

Montee Sneed

How to Grow Without Prospecting

With more than 1,200 clients families, Montee Sneed owns Columbia, TN (pop 35,000). Yet he claims not to have prospected since 1991. In his presentation, Montee will show you strategies for growth that don’t involve prospecting.

What attendees said they learned from Montee’s presentation:
“Great ideas on how to grow effectively in a smaller market. I am in a small community, so it’s encouraging to see that this level of success is possible.”
“The need to build community relationships, and ways to be more visible in the community. How to go into a new town and become an active member to get new business. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to promote your business!”
“Love Montee’s branding ideas! I love organic growth. I think it’s a great way to check the “health” of your business.”

Darrick Hutchins & Raymond Kramer

How to Achieve a 14-Month Double

This dynamic duo attended Users’ 2016, implemented what they learned, and pulled off a 14-month double. Now, they’ll show you exactly what they did and how you can do it, too.

What attendees said they learned from Hutchens & Kramer’s presentation:
“Best practices with 90-day no contact calls and seminars. I need to utilize them! I also liked the three questions they ask at the end of seminars to get appointments.”
“Seminar process and how to sell appointments in seminars. Awesome! Really impressed these guys do so well.”
“Great presentation. Loved the stories of overcoming failures along the way. Great ideas on client events!”

Michael Birch

How Your Team Can Produce More Appointments, Referrals & Growth

Michael, our Gorilla class instructor, will show you and your staff how to better manage their time, ask for appointments, promote referrals, and more!

What attendees said they learned from Mike’s presentation:
“The importance of having a written operations manual, job descriptions, and a Model Day for everyone on the team.”
“Michael did a great job presenting the core aspects of the Bill Good program – planning and teamwork. Good things don’t happen unless these things happen!”
“Mike’s info was the best (next to Bill’s). His presentation gave me insight on business planning, time management, and scalability. A very good presentation.”

Lou Harvey

How to Sell ‘Active Management

Lou Harvey is the president of DALBAR and a renowned expert on the financial services industry. He will show you how to educate your clients and prospects on the benefits of active management. This presentation goes hand in hand with Bill's talk on how to sell advice.

What attendees said they learned from Lou’s presentation:
“How to demonstrate the value of what we provide to clients over passive management. Thought provoking!”
“He helped clarify some of my arguments for active management. Be able to better communicate with clients regarding the benefit/cost of active management.”
“The information on the value of active management was excellent.”

David LePoidevin

Expert Advice: Prospecting Tips from a Billion-Dollar FA

With $1.3 billion in AUM, David has been a prospecting master for over 30 years. In 2016, he opened over 100 new client households. Now, David will give you an inside look at his prospecting strategy.

What attendees said they learned from David’s presentation:
“How to get to the point and close sales fast. Ways to do conference calls for clients and get people to attend seminars.”
“How to act as if you are successful and not chase the prospect. Also, the power of 4-page letters! Terrific info.”
“How to use both cold calls and long letters. Also, how to use team members in drawing prospects in and getting them comfortable. Good to hear from a $1B wealth manager!”

Matthew Bailey

Special Unveiling of New Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

We are releasing a huge volume of new content this year in honor of our 40th anniversary, including five new campaigns and four new strategies. Matthew, our Director of Marketing, will explain how they work and how they will benefit you.

What attendees said they learned from Matt’s presentation:
“Awesome presentation! Great ideas for us to implement.”
“The specific steps to each campaign. This was perfect, and I will implement immediately. Awesome content, great presentation, loved it all!”
“Great presentation – engaging and great content! Two areas we are focusing on are referral marketing and strategic partners, so the new strategies being rolled out will be very useful.”

Rhonda Ferguson

Windfalls: Capturing Money in Motion

Rhonda Ferguson is a veteran Users' Conference speaker. She will lay out a comprehensive strategy to capture "money in motion" in your community. This strategy enabled Rhonda to bring in approximately $40 million in new assets last year.

What attendees said they learned from Rhonda’s presentation:
“How to dominate your community by staying closely in touch. Must do homework and establish “pre-clients.” Target a niche through PR events, gifts, billboards, social media, etc.”
“How to focus on some of the major companies in the area where we already have multiple clients and become true experts at their benefits and job descriptions. Also, her ideas on events and gifts.”
“How to develop strong relationships to drive referrals. The different events catering to all different types of clients. Wonderful info, great job!”

Jack Reutemann

How to Convert the 'Do-It-Yourself' Investor

Jack is a Gorilla legend who has spoken at many conferences in the past. This year, he will introduce a sales process that reduces the usual 2-3 meetings to close a prospect to one meeting plus one or two phone calls.

What attendees said they learned from Jack’s presentation:
“As usual, terrific content. The review he does with every client about protecting assets is especially important.”
“How he uses webinars, which allow distance issues to be minimized. How to shorten the close.”
“How to communicate my process to a broader audience.”

Chad Henry

How to Close 50% of the New Prospects that Come to Your Office

At Users' 2015, Chad laid out the seminar system that helped him bring in $30 Million. With this presentation, he walks you step-by-step through a sales process that will give you a 50% close rate.

What attendees said they learned from Chad’s presentation:
“How to develop 2-4 things that differentiate yourself. How to more effectively integrate strategic partners.”
“Just loved everything he had to say. How to run a great appointment by being more systematic in my approach, as well as being more thorough and comprehensive.”
“Always great to see him, awesome speaker. His agenda, profile, sales presentation, retirement readiness checklist…I like how he has made the selling cycle into a systematic process. Neat!”

Special Bonus!

This year, we will also send you, for no extra charge, complete notes that we took for each speaker’s presentation. It’s a quick and handy reference guide you can use again and again!

This bonus is only available for preorders. It will go away when the price goes up, so order your DVDs today!



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