Users' Conference 2015 Online - Bill Good Marketing


April 30th -May 1st Chicago, IL

Building Your Business in Two-Year Bites

A More Effective Way Of Planning

Long-range planning in this industry is kind of like wishing. Conditions change dramatically. Plans get torn apart, re-built, and torn apart again. That’s why we believe that shorter is better. The right time frame seems to be about two years. So in this year’s conference we will focus on helping you develop your plan to double … or do whatever you want, but get it done in a two-year bite.

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Speakers And Topics

Bill Good

The Two Year Marketing Plan

In a nutshell, it’s how you find out a) Where do I want to go? And, b) Can I get there from here? Bill will teach you the planning process as well as direct you to many resources to help you get there.

Adam Meinrod and Lisa Mercado

Best Practices: Seminars

Adam is half of the Adam Meinrod/Chris Leeper team. Lisa Mercado is their Event Coordinator. Adam and Chris have used seminars and referrals to grow their business from $67 million in 2002 to a shade over $500 million today.

Nick Newsom

Staying on Top of Technology

Nick Newsom, CEO Ytel®. Count on this: Technology is going to change your life. Nick is BGM’s “technology advisor.” He is counseling us on what we have to do. In this speech, he will let you know what’s coming, and how it will affect you.

Bryan Sarff

Momentum: Organic Growth Success Factors

Bryan Sarff will share the “secret sauce” for organic growth that has produced explosive growth. Referrals, Strategic Partners, and Introductions. Each of these channels should be part of your two-year plan.

John Thomas

The "Mad Hedge Fund Trader"

You know John. He is the “Mad Hedge Fund Trader.” I always schedule John when he has time to answer all your questions, because he gets tons of them. He will brief you on the trends you need to be on top of for the next few months and years.

Keith VanderVeen

Best Practices: More is Better

Veterans will remember Keith. He broke some records that I don’t think anyone has touched since. Keith built a $4 million practice and then went into management. Today, he is a Regional President with Wells Fargo Advisors®. The message of his early success rings true today.

Lee Davis

Best Practices: Referrals Without Asking

Lee and his team set the standard for referral marketing. The standard is: 15% of your clients should provide a referral and 60% of those should close … all without ever asking for a referral. Lee will lay out a 2-year plan for you.

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