The 2016 Bill Good Marketing Users' Conference

The 2016 Users' Conference

May 19 & 20 - Atlanta Georgia

Tools To Double

At Bill Good Marketing we often speak about a double. We like to focus on double as it’s a solid goal, one that’s easily attainable as we’ve shown time and time again over our 40 years. Whether you want to focus on doubling your Assets Under Management, doubling your households, OR doubling the amount of time you have away from the office – we can show you how to do it.

The plan for what it takes varies depending on what your goal is and here your practice is, but the tools are largely the same.
The plans, solutions, mindset, and processes is what we will sharing at this years User’s Conference.

If you are ready to see exactly what you need to do, how to do it, how to delegate it and what you need to make it all work, then you will enjoy this years lineup of excellent speakers.


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Speakers And Topics

Bill Good

The Big Picture

How do all these best practices fit into your overall business? From seminars to Speedbuttons, Bill shows you how to put each piece of the puzzle together so you can see the picture on the box: a perfect double.

Mike Robertson

Q&A with a Legend

Mike is one of the top producers in the industry. Here he discusses many of the tools he uses to maintain his place at the top. Pay special attention to what he says about client service!

Rob Sterling

The Bullet-Proof Sales Presentation

Want to increase your closing rate by 50%? Then listen to Rob as he shows how making small tweaks to your sales presentation can produce big results for your business in The Bullet-Proof Sales Presentation.

Jack Reutemann

How to Get More Assets When Opening a New Account

New clients often like to keep a portion of their assets with their old advisor. Jack will show you two tools that can help with each new account in How to Use Gorilla to Build A World-Class Business.

David Dickie

How to Use Gorilla to Grow a World-Class Business

Money, freedom, and recognition. These are what advisors want. David will show you how to use some of Gorilla’s most powerful tools, in How to Use Gorilla to Build A World-Class Business.

Mike Ross

Organic Growth through Relationship Marketing

Use your existing relationships to grow your business - from retirement parties to strategic partnerships, Mike shows you how it can be done in Organic Growth through Relationship Marketing.

Chad Henry

Making Seminars Work Today

Seminars is one of the tools you should have in your tool kit. To make it with seminars, you have to have a good show and Chad Henry gives a great presentation in Making Seminars Work Today.

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