The 2017 Bill Good Marketing Users' Conference

The 2017 Users' Conference

May 18th & 19th 2017 Charlotte, NC

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

It’s a simple phrase. There’s nothing clever or catchy about it. But it’s what you want to do, isn’t it?

Whenever we hold a client survey, we ask the question, “What do you want to accomplish?” The answer is almost always the same: “I want to grow my business.” At this year’s Users’ Conference, we are going to show you how to do exactly that.

I’m extremely excited about our lineup this year, because we’re covering more aspects of “growing your business” than ever before. Most importantly, this Users’ Conference is a chance for you to network with other successful advisors, find out what’s working today, and get your questions answered.


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Speakers And Topics

Bill Good

The Best Way to Sell Advice

New ways to improve your selling skills and closing ratio by making a few simple (but powerful) adjustments.

Ed Blumenthal

Getting to 1 Billion: structure your time and your team

The Day to Day of $1.3 billion financial advisory practice and how he and his team manage day-to-day with 800 households.

Montee Sneed

How to Grow Without Prospecting

Learn strategies for growth that don’t involve prospecting from someone who hasn't done it since 1991.

Darrick Hutchins & Raymond Kramer

How to Achieve a 14-Month Double

This dynamic duo attended Users’ 2016 and then pulled off a 14-month double. Now, they’ll show you how to do the same !

Mike Birch

How Your Team Can Produce More Appointments, Referrals & Growth

Michael will show you and your staff how to better manage their time, ask for appointments, promote referrals, and more!

Lou Harvey

How to Sell ‘Active Management'

The president of DALBAR and a renowned expert on the financial services industry. He will show you how to educate your clients and prospects on the benefits of active management.

David LePoidevin

Prospecting Tips from a Billion-Dollar FA

An inside look at his prospecting your way $1.3 billion in AUM, and opening 100 new client households in 12 months

Matthew Bailey

Special Unveiling of New Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

We are releasing a huge volume of new content in honor of our 40th anniversary, including five new campaigns and four new strategies.

Rhonda Ferguson

Windfalls: Capturing Money in Motion

A comprehensive strategy to capture "money in motion" in your community. This strategy enabled Rhonda to bring in approximately $40 million in new assets last year.

Jack Reutemann

How to Convert the 'Do-It-Yourself' Investor

Learn how Jack consistently closes a prospect in a single meeting and a few phone calls.

Chad Henry

How to Close 50% of the New Prospects that Come to Your Office

Building on his Seminar System, Chad will show you how to close a seminar at a 50% close rate.

What Past Attendees Are Saying About The Conference

Carl Gay

“The reason I keep going to Users’ Conference is that you’re always getting new ideas. The information is NEW. The caliber of people you meet is incredible. You can’t do everything you learn, but even if you execute just the top 2 or 3 ideas, it’ll help you change or grow your biz or help you do more for your clients. The fact is that Bill and his team ALWAYS put on a good conference. I consider it one of the most “can’t miss” events of the year.”

Stephen Duquette

“I see BGM as a big family. I’ve been to other events and conferences where there’s not a lot of sharing going on. Advisors don’t want to share their best ideas, because they are afraid their competitors will steal their business. At Users’, people share. Bill has created a family where everyone is very open and willing to help each other out. Not just successes, but failures. What’s working AND what’s not. The agenda is always strong and full of quality.

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