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Overview of Bill Good Marketing

The Bill Good Marketing System®

Is a computer-based, client marketing, prospecting and practice management system.  In other words, our system is designed to help you:

  • Solidify your client retention, improve client engagement, and help you become the sole provider for all your clients’ financial needs and assets.
  • Generate and close enough new prospects for you to reach your business goals. Run a more modern and efficient business by implementing as many “best practices” as possible. 

When fully implemented, the system can help you do what so many other advisors have done: double your business or work half as much!  
Check out our various white papers to learn more. 



The System (Overview)  

  • Executive Summary  

    Start here to get the “big picture” view of what our system is and how it can help you double your business or work half as much!

IconExecutive Summary


Client Marketing 

  • Client Marketing The “Good Way”

    The number one rule for any business is to keep what you’ve got.  This white paper will demonstrate how we can help.  

IconClient marketing the "Good Way"

  • The Case Against Book Pruning 

    For years you have been taught to cleanse your book of smaller accounts.  This is a gigantic mistake.  Read this white paper to learn why keeping your smaller accounts can be a major source of future growth.

IconThe Case Against Pruning Your Books


  • Gorilla Prospecting Strategy

    There are many ways to prospect.  This white paper lays out the various “prospecting channels” you can expect to employ when using the system.

IconGorilla Prospecting Strategy

  • Referrals Without Asking

    Everyone wants more referrals—but there’s a right way to pursue them and a wrong way.  The wrong way involves asking for them.  The right way does the opposite. 

IconReferrals without asking

  • Seminar Success Zone

    Seminars are still an excellent way to grow your business—but you must do them right. More specifically, you must understand the various factors that go into holding a financially successful seminar.  This white paper shows you what those factors are. 

IconSeminar Success Zone

  • The Good Way to Sell

    Effective selling is a process made up of different steps, disciplines, and techniques that you can apply to every client or prospect every single time.  “The Good Way to Sell” is Bill Good’s process, developed and refined over his 40+ years in sales. 

IconGood way to sell

  • Simplifying the Complex Sale 

    The more complex a sale is, the more likely it will fail.  This white paper provides tips on simplifying your selling.  

IconSimplifying the complex sale




Practice Management  

  • Best Practices for the Thriving Financial Advisor 

    What do the best financial advisors do that others don’t?  They implement more “best practices.”  This white paper shows you what a few of those best practices are.  

IconBest practices for the thriving FA

  • Contact Strategy

    The number one complaint made by clients in your industry is that they don’t hear enough from their financial advisor.  By following the steps laid out in this white paper, you can prevent that complaint from ever being made to you, while simultaneously creating “top of mind awareness” with all your clients and prospects.

IconContact Strategy

  • How to Protect Your Business Through Better Contact Management 

    If you don’t have good contact management, your business could be in danger.  Learn how in this white paper.

IconHow to protect your business through better contact management

  • Surefire Team Development 

    Bill Good was perhaps the first major figure in the industry to promote “the team concept.”  This white paper shows you both what a successful team looks like and how to build it. 

IconSurefire Team Development

  • How to Transition to a Fee-Based Practice

    Transitioning from commissions to fees can be a daunting task—but it doesn’t have to be a complicated one.  This white paper lays out the single best way to get it done without experiencing a major drop in your income.

IconHow to Transition to a Fee Based Advisor

  • Partnerships

    Thinking about entering into a partnership?  This white paper will tell you everything you need to know.  


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