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Get Organized!

You know it's about time...

Recently a fascinating web search turned up the “Benefits of Getting Organized.”

They are:

Organization for Financial Advisors

Your stepping stone to growth...

Being better organized is an end in itself, not just a stepping-stone to bigger production or greater time.

If you are better organized, you don’t bolt awake in the middle of the night realizing that Velda Bluehaire’s bond matured yesterday. You don’t scramble in a panic just before prospect meetings, worried you’ve forgotten something.

All of that is handled by implementing one (or several) of our best practices. In fact, we have more than 120 best practices that create growth.

That’s what we do.

We systematize, organize, and in many instances automate, thousands of routine tasks so you don’t have to think about them anymore.

We buy you the time to focus on being the great Advisor that you are.

The Bill Good Marketing System has two goals:

1. Double your production or help you work half as much, and do it in two years or less.

2. Get better organized.

The first goal is and has been the reason we created the Bill Good Marketing System in December 1986.

And the second goal came about from countless clients telling us that one of the biggest benefits of working with us is our ability to help them get organized.

So, we added it as an official goal.

How Organized are You?

So how do we help you get organized?

We do it across multiple channels.

We help you master your client relationships with proven engagement strategies.

We help your team streamline their own activities by helping them automate routine business processes.

We help you organize your day and your week so you can effectively time-block your calendar and create sustainable momentum.

We’ll show you how to create a referral consciousness in your clients, so you will NEVER have to ask for a referral again. They’ll be volunteered.

We have a process we call “Clone Your Best Clients”. It results in new clients who look exactly like your best clients. And the best part is that it doesn’t even require any DNA or other bodily fluids.

Proven processes and proven strategies...

How about those fabled strategic partners? Wouldn’t it be great to have your clients’ attorneys and CPAs actually refer you business? We have mapped the whole process, right down to a script you use to forge that relationship and ensure that this is a two-way partnership, and not a one-way street.

Got your eye on a retiring advisor’s book of business? We have a strategy that will ensure you retain 90% of those clients after the transaction is done.

This is a small sample of what we can help you accomplish. We’ve been doing this a long time. We’ve even pioneered many of the processes you use today.

Our history is long and rich. And we’ve helped make some of the industry’s biggest titans.

Our campaigns are successful because we invest the time and money into testing them, so you don’t have to.

We provide you with a massive library of content, filled with messages that build your brand as Trusted Advisor. We know they work because they generate both referrals and AUM for our clients. We estimate that our content alone helps our clients bring in more than $1B in AUM each and every year. And that’s probably grossly underestimated.

Are you ready to get organized?

Through these time-tested and proven messages, we help you create an emotional bond with your clients, their families, and their friends.

And that leads into some serious ROI.

But we’re not going to lie. It’s a lot of work for you. It’s a lot of work for us. To really make this work, we need your commitment.

Because nothing worthwhile is ever easy, is it? If you’re ready to get started, take our Get Organized quiz and let’s find out where we start. 

Are you ready to finally get organized for real success?

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