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It’s the bottom of the 9th, and you’re tied 8-8. Before you throw that screamer down the center line, you pause. You look around the field and find that it is empty.

Where is your shortstop? What happened to the first baseman? What sort of horrible dream is this?

Unfortunately, many advisors find themselves in this nightmare-like scenario. As most now know, when it comes to winning, it’s very rarely done alone.

To knock that ball out of the park requires more than your dedicated time and concentrated effort. Like baseball’s legends Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson, to be a great player, you must also play on a great team.

And putting that team in place is the biggest step of your career.

As you step up to home plate, do you hit it out of the park? Or do you dust it toward the umpire and strike out?

That all depends on how well you’ve built your team.

I would like an analysis of my team structure. Are we Major League? Or in the Minors?

the business of baseball

“One of the things I learned from Bill Good was the team concept and how it would help me to leverage my time. With a team, I could be out of the office bringing in new assets and developing new client relationships, while my team was handling the administrative and promotional things needed to fuel the pipeline.

The enormous boost to my career came from just that one change.”

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what makes a

major league team

in financial services?

The answer is surprisingly simple.
It is as structured as the players on a baseball team.
A Major League financial services team should consist of five different personality types.

They break down like this:

The Visionary

The Visionary

Guess who this is?
This is you, the business owner and advisor. You are the path and direction the rest of the team will follow. When this is not clearly defined, your team will look a bit like the Bad News Bears.

The Supervisor

The Supervisor

This is the person with the strength of character to say NO. They must be willing to push everyone to follow the right processes and policies. This person needs to have both the respect and the attitude to course correct bad ideas, even if they’re yours. They push the team to your vision.

The Client Advocate

The Client Advocate

This person could easily make a career in the world of Ritz Carlton. Their whole purpose in life is to advocate for red carpet service, and they work very creatively to improve the client experience.

The Product Manager

The Product Manager

This person has an eagle eye for success and what it should look like. They take your vision and marry it to the services you provide. They focus on the research, products, financial planning, tech stack, and compliance. Their job is to work on the vehicle that gets the team to your vision.

The Hunter / Gatherer

The Hunter / Gatherer

This person’s job is to find and profile prospects, dig up referrals, and set appointments for you. They have an internal fire and mentality that is constantly looking for new business. This relationship is most closely related to that of a Pitcher/Catcher relationship, complete with your own internal hand signals.

Building Your

Dream Team

With this in mind, evaluate your team personalities. Some on the team may fit in multiple categories. Some will fit only one. The best teams, and we’re talking the multi-million-dollar producers, have all five types on their team.

If you want to get there, determine from the above personalities whether you are heading out to win the World Series, or if your players are second string.

And while you will not always come to the easy conclusion, you will come to the one that will change your business for the better.

I think I need to make some hard decisions and would like some free advice on where to begin.

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Why do the

strong succeed

and the weak falter?

Why do some teams look like the Yankees, and others consistently fall short like the Mariners?

Success doesn’t just happen.

Success comes from the combination of knowledge, ability, and perseverance. You make it happen.

The evolution of your business requires a carefully planned strategy, built upon the successes of others that have been through the same situations you’ve been through. And to hit that bottom-of-the-ninth, bases-loaded home run to win the World Series, you sometimes need a coach that is a cut above the rest.

And that’s when you give us a call.

We practically created the team concept in this industry. We’ve been creating and sculpting winning teams for over 40 years. It’s not a claim that many other coaches can make.

But we can because we have the formula for success. And we’re happy to share it with you.

Give us a call and we’ll take you to the Major League. And maybe you’ll even win the World Series. 

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