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At Last, Your Redtail CRM Can Power a Marketing Machine! Find Out How In This Live Webinar

Who Should Attend?

At least one or two of the following should attend this live webinar.

Financial Advisor: You know you need your CRM to help retain current clients and bring in new clients. You know you are a financial advisor, not a system designer. You also know you need content, processes, and marketing plans, but those are not your job either.


Junior Advisor: You need a clear path to drop the “junior” and assume full advisor responsibilities. To do that, you must prove you can bring in new clients, as well as new assets. You also know, your CRM is key. It needs to function as a marketing machine, not just a contact manager. Can Redtail do the job?


Marketing Assistant: You know the leading advisor(s) are too busy to build the marketing system your team needs. You want greater responsibility. Can you play an important role in helping create a marketing system powered by Redtail?

You Will Learn How To:

Use Your Redtail CRM Data to:
  • target market
  • build a brand that reduces the time you spend on client review, while increasing retention, satisfaction, and referrals
  • plug a gaping hole in your Redtail Data that could cost you tens of millions of dollars in AUM.
  • spot possible strategic partners 

Bill will also share a cross-reference trick to make certain that opportunities—perhaps gathered years earlier—do not fall through the cracks. Register now to learn how to turn your Redtail CRM into a marketing machine. 

Bill Good – Your Host


Bill Good has written 382 “how to” articles in Research Magazine.
He wrote the book on prospecting in this industry. Hot Prospects, published originally in 2008, is still selling on Amazon. Bill also designed the Bill Good Marketing System, which has propelled countless advisors into the top 10 spots in their firm.  

Originally powered only by the Gorilla software, we now support the Redtail CRM. 

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