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Your most routine business processes

“One of the big dangers is to pretend that you can follow a predictable process when you can’t.” – Martin Fowler

Let’s look at a scenario common, but critical, in any advisory office: Onboarding.

You have a new client. They have a rollover, a small Roth IRA, a handful of investments in a brokerage account, cash, and a held-away annuity.

For any of these accounts, there could be as many as seven different forms to fill out and get signed. And a single unsigned form could become a massive liability or a lost client.

Now, let’s say you have a new Client Service Assistant. It’s her second week. Does she know exactly how your team processes a new relationship? Without significant training and handholding there will be breakdowns in the process. It’s practically a natural law of life.

So, how do you ensure that every, single step of your onboarding process is completed correctly, all forms are signed, new clients feel welcomed, and all assets are captured and moved to your management?

You do it by automating these recurring actions as much as possible. And you use your CRM to manage these workflows.

The secret to getting consistent and successful results is by implementing automated processes.

We have developed and optimized these automations for over four decades. These are not “ivory tower” ideas. These are tested and proven processes that leave a very small margin for human error.

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We optimize your

Marketing efforts:

When it comes to marketing capability, your CRM must be the foundation of your automations.

Most CRMs can manage an e-mail blast.

Fewer CRMs can effectively do direct mail.

Fewer still can run an actual campaign Why? Because most CRMs are built by engineers to accommodate the ease and cost of sending an email. They are not built to manage the complexity of a full promotional campaign.

In marketing, a campaign is a series of repeatable steps known to produce predictable results. Think of a seminar campaign with its scheduling, promotion, follow up, and appointment processing steps. Don’t you want to know that every time you hold a seminar it is completed exactly the same way and will produce predictable results?

Forget about this crucial aspect to your marketing efforts with most other CRMs.

The engineers who design them do not live in the marketing world, nor do they have 40+ years of experience in optimizing campaign follow-up.

They assume all communications are one-time blasts and should go by email or be posted on social media. When, in reality, there are many more nuances of running a full campaign.

But just because your CRM wasn’t built for campaign management, doesn’t mean it can’t be optimized to do so.

If you have someone on the team with a lot of database sophistication, you could probably build this capability with about 200 hours of tweaking and testing.

The results will certainly be worth the investment of time and frustration.

I would LOVE to automate my sales pipeline and have more prospects.

We understand

Your Business

While you can invest your time and money in strong-arming your CRM into doing what you need it to do, we understand that it can be difficult to create these processes while simultaneously generating new revenue.

That’s why you hire us to help you.

We give you the processes that we know work.

You implement them in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take you.

And what you get after working with us for a year is 40 years of experience with:

  • Process optimization
  • Process automation, and
  • Process standardization

We save you time. We reduce your costs. We ensure that you get predictable and consistent results.

And most importantly, we reduce your rate of failure.

I’m really ready for better results.

We are unique in the industry because we integrate Contact Management, Campaign Management, Team Management, and Time Management into an entire system that we then automate, and optimize.

What this means for you is that you can focus on meeting with clients and qualified prospects, and the rest of the business seemingly runs itself.
Your team is happy and organized, and your clients are always impressed by the level of effortless service that makes them feel so special.

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