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Granted, there are no easy successes in this industry. But without a machine for growth, it can be nearly impossible.

So, what does a growth machine look like?

It’s all the vital components organized into a single systematic process. A car is a machine. A rocket ship is a machine. A production line is a machine.

You need a machine.

And we have the best one on the market.

Find out what YOUR growth system could look like
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Why growth Comes to a

Grinding Halt

– You don’t have enough prospects to fill your pipeline.

– And, you don’t have the machine.

So, what is the solution?

Implement four out of our nine prospecting strategies.

It really is attainable.

Master them and you are on your way to a growing, energetic business.

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“When I started, we had under $30M AUM and less than $300K production. Today we’ve tripled our business. We currently have at $110M AUM and $1M production. Partnering with Bill Good Marketing is one of the best decisions I ever made.” – J.M.

Find Out What Strategies Could Boom YOUR Business

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can change your future

real referrals

Real Referrals

A real referral is a name volunteered by a client, not one solicited by you. This strategy builds top-of-mind awareness with your clients. You will NEVER need to ask that hated “who do you know” question again.



Don't you wish you could clone your best clients? Our Introductions Strategy is how we do that. It helps you meet the prospects who are most like your favorite clients.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

If you are sending referrals to attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals but not receiving them, you do NOT have a partnership. You have a strategic one-way street. Our “Strategic Partner Process” teaches you the six steps to identify, qualify, and get the most out of your strategic partners.



You know people you would like to do business with. Many would feel awkward if you were to solicit their business. The genius of our Connections Strategy is that we teach you how to stay in touch without soliciting. We get them to reach out to you. You will never ask for anything so that awkward conversation will never happen.

Seminars and webinars

Seminars and webinars

Six factors determine the success of your seminar marketing. We call these the Seminar Success Zone. If one of these factors is out of range, then the five others need to be above average to take up the slack. If two or more are out of the zone, your seminar needs a vital overhaul. Our job is to get all your factors into the zone. You will then have a seminar money machine.

cold calling

Cold Calling

You hate to cold call. You would rather stand in a cold shower ripping up $100 bills. But you know that you need more AUM to build your business. With cold calling you don't have to spend THOUSANDS for seminar mailings. It's just sweat equity. Our Cold Calling scripts, strategies, and techniques will get you on the phone finding Hot Prospects faster than any other method out there.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

You may be surprised to learn how many people appreciate a real letter in their mailbox these days. And direct mail is probably the easiest lead generation strategy to run. Once you build this machine, all you, or your assistant, need to do is make a few calls a week to your leads. The “crown jewel” of your direct mail campaign is our content. There is nothing like it anywhere. Our letters revive old clients, inspire new prospects, generate referrals, and create real word of mouth.



""TIPPing"" stands for "Targeted In-Person Prospecting." With TIPPING, you replace the cold call with an in-person drop-in on wealthy business owners from a precisely targeted list. These are the very hard-to-reach and very successful business owners that every financial advisor is targeting. We have processes, scripts, route planners, and collateral to give you a huge edge in this process. Many financial advisors have built a thriving business through TIPPing. And you can too.

business acquisition

business acquisition

Once upon a time, buying a book was a niche activity, but with changing demographics, more businesses are up for sale than ever before. It's no exaggeration to say that buying a book may now be the most direct, efficient way to grow your business. Period. Whether you're actively looking to buy a book, or the opportunity just falls into your lap, it's time for you to know how to do it the GOOD way. Because after all, you want to KEEP all those clients you just purchased, right?

Instead of building your own machine, consider buying ours.

We have more experience building growth machines than any other firm in the industry.

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