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you know the


“I just can’t DO anymore.”

It is the exhausted confession of every business owner since civilized commerce began.

Time and technology have certainly simplified trade routes and automated tasks, but it hasn’t improved upon basic human capacity.

And there WILL come a point when the running your business begins to run you. Your goals, your hobbies, your friends, and your family will start to pay the price for your commitment. And they will, in turn, increase the pressure on you to do something about it.

But if you drop all the successful actions that got you where you are, what happens to your business?



The answer is stupidly simple, and possibly very scary. Your business will either grow, or it will shrink. It will NOT stay the same.

But neither can your current schedule.

So here you are, on a rocket ride to disaster.

And at this trajectory, you will begin a braking burn that will scorch everyone in your orbit. Friends, family members, clients, and even prospects will all be affected.

If this sounds like where your life is headed, then it is time to take a step back and take stock of what’s important.

It’s time to start working on your business. Not in it.

And therein lies the difference.

Let’s talk about how we can help you work on your business not in your business. 

what's the perfect


Every financial advisor must work on and in their business. But if you only work a tiny bit on it, you will remain a little practice, and your time will forever be stretched too thin. And if you only work in your business then you build a monstrous, thriving practice that will only exist in your dreams. So, the trick to all of this is finding the right balance of on versus in.

Without any doubt, your most valuable resource is your time. This is a given. It is what everyone is clamoring to claim.

So, the question you should be asking right now is: How do I get more time?
And the answer to that question solves both your business and your personal life.

You get more time for your personal life by freeing up where you spend it in your business.

And to free up how you spend it in your business life requires two principal tools:

1) Your Team.

They buy you selling time by taking over your marketing, prospecting, service, and data management that will otherwise consume your day.

2) Your Model Day.

So, what is a Model Day? It is the process by which you optimize the time your team just purchased on your behalf.

They will buy you dozens of extra hours in your day, but if you do not spend them wisely, you may very well find yourself crushed by the G-forces of growth that are unsustainable to your personal life.

how do you

free up your time?

There is one other way to free up some of your time. It’s a sort of magic button that when you press it, you magically begin to accumulate a few extra minutes in your day.

That magic button is called AUTOMATION.

And it resides inside your CRM.

There are dozens of CRMs on the market. Most firms provide them. The trick to getting your time out of them is to build your CRM workflows to automate common business processes.


it works like this:

You host a seminar. There are a series of steps that need to happen for that seminar to be successful. You need to confirm the reservations, send out follow-up, get appointments, and so on up to about a dozen additional tasks. From start to finish, these menial tasks can take several hours of time.

And all of them can be automated with the right piece of software. We built our CRM to automate your most common business processes. Gorilla 5® will simplify your life and recover hundreds of hours from those time-consuming tasks.

So, the takeaways you need to focus on are:
• Build up your team
• Optimize your time
• Automate everything

If you were only able to recover 6.5 minutes of your day by automating a few little tasks, that would still equate to an entire workweek of extra time accumulated across the course of the year.

For some, that’s a vacation.

For you, it’s the freedom you’re looking for.

Are you ready to free up your time?

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