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Tom Brady has a coach— Todd Bowles of the Bucs.

Bryce Dallas Howard, Hugh Jackman, and Leonardo DiCaprio, along with countless other great actors and actresses, all had coaches to get them where they are. Many of them continue being coached long after their monstrous success.
Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google®, said the best advice he ever got was the suggestion to get a coach.


This is what he has to say:

“The one thing that people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.” – Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Executive Chairman of Google and Alphabet Inc.

Professionals meeting for practice management consulting
Professionals meeting for practice management consulting



Let’s first define what a “coach” means.

The concept is simple, but it must be understood in relation to another term, “teacher.”

Teacher: One who imparts knowledge to others, usually in a structured school situation, but also on a more informal basis.

Coach: One who helps others implement knowledge gained to the point where it constitutes a skill.

There is certainly a difference.

A practice management coach, especially a good one, takes what you already know, and builds on it. With out practice management consulting, we will focus on getting you to apply, and thereby become better at, your particular skill.

It’s probably why you’re here.

Okay I’m curious about your practice management consulting. I’d like to find those “stay small” initiatives hidden in my business.

It's not

rocket science

Good coaching results in continuous improvement. The best coaching is done one project at time. These steps do not create overnight change, but a gradual improvement across the course of the year.

Anyone who says, “I can get you to 10X your sales in three months!” is selling you a bill of goods. And it just isn’t true. You do not manifest success by dreaming of a better tomorrow while not taking the actions that will get you there.

Improving your process takes time. It takes work. It takes implementation. And it takes someone to guide you to resources, train you, and hold you accountable for completing the assignments that will produce that success. This is where we excel with our financial advisor practice management consulting.

Professionals meeting for practice management consulting

You want to double your production? It will mean getting your team on board. It will mean crafting your value statement into a vision that your whole team can see.

And then laying out the step-by-step path that will get you to that goal.

But luckily, you don’t have to reinvent that wheel, cuz whew! We already did that.

And we documented all the processes and best practices you need to either double your production or work half as much as you do today.

What is

Success Coaching?

Our practice management consulting– which we call success coaching–is a process of growing your business by implementing the 118 best practices that have helped to build some of the industry’s most successful advisors.

You might wonder, “How did we get all these best practices?”

The answer requires a little bit of a humble brag.

Mostly we develop them.

Once we have developed (or captured) a new process, we test it in multiple offices, across many different cities.

If it consistently produces results in different offices and in different locations, we declare it a best practice, and only then do we incorporate it into our system.

In this way, we ensure that you always have only what is working TODAY.

Occasionally an FA will do something extraordinary in their office, and we’ll thoroughly document their process. (With their permission, of course). For example, we had an advisor who was VERY good at turning social connections into clients. He developed a gentle process to prospect those you should not prospect. If you did, you could kiss any future party invite goodbye. He found a way around that taboo that is comfortable and actually gets you involved more in the community.

It was, and is, a GREAT process. And we wanted to share it with our clients. So, to get it into our system, we asked to use it. We had several other advisors run it. It worked every time.

Today that campaign is known as our Wilson Campaign. And should you decide to ever become a client, you’ll know it well. And you’ll see why we teach it as a best practice.

This step-by-step approach, best practices approach is really a whole system of growth that you implement one project at time.

And from the first project you complete to the day you graduate from our FA practice management consulting; you will see a steady rate of growth. Because our system is built upon what works. And our coaches hold you accountable for putting each piece in place.


“I have to tell you, all this activity is great. The other times I have worked this hard, while on a hiatus from this business or not, it just has felt wearing. Now, with the activity we have going I feel lighter. I feel like things are clicking along great. I tell people all the time if you can do the work on the front end of this business there is no reason to not be successful. That front end work is where your coaching has helped. Even when the idea may not have been given directly from your coaching, it is your coaching and thought processes and ideas that has helped me expand my thought process and get all of this moving along. I really appreciate your coaching and help in all of this.”

-J.H. West Virginia, US

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