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How this Advisor Brought in 35M in 2022

In 2020, prior to his relationship with us, David’s annual average new AUM was 15M. These came primarily from client referrals. In May of 2021, we came on board to coach David and help him get his systems in place for expansion. By the end of 2021, his AUM had increased from his previous average of 15M to 29M in new assets. But that was really just the beginning of this journey.

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The Four Investment Rules That Will Win You New Business

The new SEC Marketing Rule contains multiple prohibitions and restrictions that all investment advisors must follow when it comes to their marketing – especially when it comes to marketing their investment performance.
But while this new rule makes selling trickier, it also presents an opportunity for some advisors to get ahead of the game. That’s because Ric and Connor have four rules of their own…

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The 12 Letters Every Advisor Should Send in 2023

Interest rates have skyrocketed. The markets have been rocky. A recession, in all likelihood, is coming. Ask yourself right now: “Where is my growth going to come from in 2023?” Chances are, the two main places are referrals and new assets from existing clients. If so, you’re going to love this webinar – where we’ll show you how to maximize both channels in 2023 using one simple tool: Content…

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Show, Don’t Tell

Fact: Many financial advisors have a selling problem. Nearly every week, our coaches here at Bill Good Marketing talk to at least one FA who is meeting with lots of prospects but only closing a few.

This man is Ric Lager…

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Client Marketing

Is the Bear at Your Back Porch?

I am sure by the time you read this, your phones have been ringing, your email box has been filling up, and you’ve already heard from some worried clients. Here, at Bill Good Marketing, our Head Writer is busy working on a handholding letter for our financial advisor clients to send out to their clients. Our handholding lett…

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Heirs Take the Money and Run

Since 2014, Bill Good has been helping advisors build a brand he calls the “Family Financial Advisor”. It’s part of the solution to a major problem now infecting the practice of many veteran advisors. The problem? The dreaded “heir leak”. When the last primary client dies, somewhere between 66% and 95% of the assets grow wings and take flight…

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Retaining and Building Your Most Profitable Pipeline

This is Ray Dunlap, and he’s someone you really should listen to. Ray is a CFP® in Georgia with over $100M in AUM. He’s been a client of Bill Good Marketing for over 30 years…and is one of the best advisors in the industry at relationship marketing. Relationship Marketing has been a cornerstone best practice of the Bill Good Mark…

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Practice Management

Build Your Own Dream Team

Our hosts, Tony Parmenter, our Sr. VP of Qual and Matt Hicken, our Sr. VP of Client Services together have a combined 50 years of team-building experience in this industry. Together, they have coached advisors on how to build teams that can support million- and billion-dollar practices. In this webinar, they are going to walk you through the qualities, characteristics, and the skills you need to build YOUR own…

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The Way of Powering Past Plateaus

Live from AdvisorCon in Charleston SC, Matt and Tony recorded a live Strategy School session about one of the most important topics they’ve encountered in the past twelve months: Plateaus.
In working with advisors who manage anywhere from $10M to multiple billions in AUM, Matt and Tony have seen each every one hit plateaus in their growth. These are levels where everything just seems like too much work…

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Bigger & Better

You see, John – a financial advisor in Clarksburg, West Virginia – went from scrabbling and scrambling to knowing exactly how many pebbles it takes to bring the water. (Water, in this case, being new assets under management.) Over the past two years, he’s honed, refined, and most of all, simplified the core processes that make up his business. The result? $2M in new assets each week. Yes, you re…

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