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How this Advisor went from Solo to Superstar

Including Her Game Plan for Building a $700M Team!

Do you ever feel like you are just on the verge of a major surge in AUM…but can’t quite get over the crest of that hill? 

Like there’s a flood of more referrals, more conversions, more assets building up…but it’s all blocked by a kink in the proverbial hose?

It’s a sentiment we hear all the time from advisors looking to grow. So, in our constant, never-ending search for the best practices that help FAs grow, we turned to one of the most successful advisors we’ve ever known. We asked, what’s the secret to getting over that hump? 

To unblocking that hose?

The answer: It’s your team.

To your right is Barbara Hudock. Based in Pennsylvania, she’s been featured multiple times on Forbes’ and Barron’s Top Advisor lists. To date, she has over $700M in AUM. Her growth, reputation in the industry, and impact on her community are simply awe-inspiring. And she started her journey doing it all by herself.

Over the years, Barbara has found that if you want to grow your business, you have to focus first on growing your team. Not just in number, but in skillset. 

Because, as your team grows, your book will grow even faster. But in order to achieve true runaway growth – growth that overcomes all inertia – your team must be composed, trained, and managed correctly. Barbara has found how to design each position so that it leverages someone else on your team. When this happens, each team member’s daily activities will augment those of the person next to them. And each team member will know how to take the initiative. 

The result: More actions get done. More time gets freed up for you, the advisor. And more assets flow through your pipeline.

If this sounds like something you want – if you want to finally crest that hill or unblock that hose – Barbara has graciously agreed to show how she did it. It’s her playbook turning advisors into superstars…by creating a dream team around them.

Barbara’s Journey to $700M

When Barbara began her career, she was her own sales assistant, service assistant, marketing admin, and computer operator. Growth was slow and inconsistent. Eventually, her firm gave her an administrative assistant she had to share with four other advisors…with Barbara having the lowest priority. So, following Bill Good’s advice, Barbara decided to put everything she could into hiring her own staff. First, she started with a single service assistant. Next, she hired a part time computer operator.

And then came the magic: Barbara realized that certain processes seemed to be more impactful than others. Each process the computer operator used that made life easier for the service assistant – and vice versa – ended up ensuring Barbara had more time (and prospects!) on her calendar.

Then the assets started to flow. Barbara broke through $50M in assets. Then $100M. Then $200M, $300M…you get the idea. All the way to $700M and beyond.

Today, Barbara manages a team of eighteen (!) people. Each of whom is designed to augment and be accountable to the others. On this webinar, Barbara will show you how to take your team, no matter how big or small it is, and turn it into a symphony orchestra. She’ll show you how to get the most out of every team member…by helping them get the most out of themselves and each other. 

You’ll learn:

  • The processes that help every person and role on your team leverage the skills and responsibilities of those around them.
  • The key areas and actions each team member should own, freeing you up to focus on what you should do: Meeting with more clients and prospects.
  • How to determine each team member’s strengths and weaknesses…then take maximum advantage of those strengths. 
  • The five most common team disfunctions and how to fix or avoid them.
  • BONUS: The magic process for making team meetings truly productive!

Barbara B. Hudock

CEO & Founding Partner

Hudock Capital Group, LLC

Michael J. Hudock Jr.

Founding Partner & President

Hudock Capital Group, LLC

Matthew Bailey

Head Writer & Director of Content

Bill Good Marketing

Stephanie Peterson

Head of Growth

Bill Good Marketing

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