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Our Team

We are a group comprised of some of the brightest minds in marketing, content, sales strategy, operations, and implementation. Here to share our collective decades of wisdom and experience with you. We aim to teach, inspire, and motivate advisors who not only want to double their business, but work half as much.

Frantz loves technology, electric vehicles, space travel and driving fast if possible. He is responsible for the long term vision of the company, the development and implementation of the software our company delivers and is very excited about how AI will be able to help our clients grow faster.

● Grew up speaking 3 languages
● Loves video games, spending time with his wife and kids, hates yard work.
● Was a professional composer (wrote more than 100 songs), and has decided he is going to space for his 50th birthday.

Frantz Widmaier

Chief Executive Officer

At heart, Bill Good is a disrupter. In 1982, he trained 40,000 rookies to prospect. In January 1986, he fused client marketing, prospecting, and practice management into a single marketing system. He developed the industry’s team concept. He built the only CRM that can manage the entire life cycle from prospect to client. Named one of the five top coaches in the United States by Wealth Management.

● First job: number crunching for the future Chairman of the Fed, Alan Greenspan, Bill’s first boss.
● Proposed to his wife (Joava) on their first date. They’ve been married nearly 50 years.
● As a child, he created a system for distributing Thursday night dinners to the dog. To this day, he still despises liver.

BIll Good

Founder & Chairman

Matt oversees our service division and is responsible for the success of every single one of our Gorillas. When he’s not tailoring different marketing strategies for our clients you can find him at the gym, with his family, or woodworking.

● Has held more exotic animals than the typical zookeeper
● Not a fan of the Newark Airport
● Motto: Pray, then go and do.

Matt Hicken

Senior VP of Client Success

Tony is the perfectionist of the company and ensures all material that we provide our clients is tiptop. If he’s not goofing off with Matt Hicken or telling you what’s wrong with today’s generation, he’s probably pacing around the office, on the phone with some of our top clients.

● Should seriously invest in a treadmill desk
● Has convinced himself he’s immortal
● Motto: Life is rock and roll, snowboarding, good food, and better friends!

Tony Parmenter

Senior VP of Quality Assurance

Jenny has worked on all manner of projects as it relates to copywriting. It is both a well-honed craft and a well-loved activity. As Bill Good's daughter, she has grown up with one of the more prolific marketers in financial services, so stepping into that role was a natural progression. She works tirelessly to ensure the legacy her dad built is carried forward to the next generation of advisors.

● Was one of five judges who got to select a non-astronaut to visit the International Space Station. And no, it was not her husband.
● Has won multiple awards for content and copywriting, including the prestigious Telly and Golden Aurora.
● Believes (correctly) that sandwiches are a perfect food.

Jenny Widmaier

Senior VP of Administration & Marketing

Stephanie is responsible for finding chimps in the wild and turning them into Gorillas by implementing our system. When she’s not on a scheduled call (which is rare), you can find her outside – hiking, camping, or hacking her way around the golf course.

● Is obsessed with "The Greatest Showman"
● Double Diver (sky & scuba)
● Can’t live without: Her family, nature, and red meat

Stephanie Peterson

Head of Growth

Matthew not only oversees all content for our advisors but is responsible for writing a large majority of it! When he’s not crafting up the most heart-felt letter you’ve ever read he enjoys chess, stargazing and our great country’s national parks.

● Can’t live without: His Children & A Good Book to Read
● Is a secretive musical mastermind
● Not a fan of Flat-earthers

Matthew Bailey

Director of Client Content

Spencer works as both a senior coach and on-site consultant, which means he’s probably in an office near you giving hands-on training to better run a financial practice. When he’s not on the road training advisors, you can find him participating in the non-profit organization B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse).

● The only thing he smokes are delicious meats
● Enjoys game nights with his family
● Loves to play Volleyball

Spencer Hicken

Director of Client Training

Drew manages the branding and design of our marketing, making everything beautiful and cohesive as a whole. When he’s not working on new design projects, you can find Drew at the gym, fishing or locked away working on his next painting.

● "Caffeine-dependent" would be an understatement
● Natural enemy to asparagus
● Can definitely bench press more than you

Andrew White

Director of Marketing

Michelle is basically extended family. She started her sales career with us in the early 90s. Then she moved to North Carolina and did some real estate for a while. But then we missed her too bad. And even though she lives across the country, she stays connected by helping our clients push their practices to their full potential. Outside of the office Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and watching football. Go UTES!

● Caffeine-dependent being
● A bonified dog-mom
● Game of Thrones fangirl - You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Michelle Graves

Relationship Manager

Annabel is the backbone of our sales team. She works hand-in-hand with our entire sales team to make sure every client and prospective new Gorilla is taken care of. When she’s not living out of our CRM and making sure our data is in tip-top shape you can find her watching UFC or traveling somewhere warm.

● Die hard San Diego Chargers fan
● Certified Gym Rat
● Is there food involved? She’s there.

Annabel Nguyen

Executive Assistant to Sales

Savi is a pivotal member of our sales team, specializing in our Presence platform. With a keen understanding of advisor needs, he tailors marketing solutions that amplify their outreach, ensuring that direct mail, email, and social media aren't just touchpoints, but launchpads for client engagement and growth. Off-duty, Savi is a jack-of-all-trades — scaling bouldering walls, crafting woodwork masterpieces, and curating an enviable vinyl collection.

● Can shear a sheep in under 3 minutes.
● Billy Joel’s biggest fan.
● A proud parent to Daisy, the chi-weenie with as much character as her owner.

Savion Paul

Presence Specialist

Pat orchestrates our client marketing initiatives on Presence with a keen eye for detail and a creative spark. His expertise stretches across direct mail, email, and social media, ensuring our message not only lands but resonates. Outside of the office, Pat's passions include biking through the city, sampling international sandwiches, and bringing stories to life through his love of videography.

● Indispensable accessories: headphones, Yerba Mate, and his trusty sketchbook.
● A lover of Kendrick Lamar's beats and Vonnegut's wit.
● Swapped military boots for marketing suits — still marches to the beat of discipline.

Pat Seiuli

Client Product Specialist

Paige is our videographer, photographer, and video editing geek. She is the youngest in our office, but the quality of her work is Spielberg-level! (Although her humble-self would say otherwise)

● Self-proclaimed “Cat Lady in training”
● Secretly a Marvel Super-Nerd
● Would happily swim in a bowl of pho

Paige Thompson

Multimedia Content Creator

As a success coach Aishah makes it her personal goal to see the success of each and every one of her clients. When she’s not helping Gorillas implement the BGM System you can usually find her hanging out with her comedy improv troupe.

● Can’t live without: A good laugh and her podcast playlist
● Is easily repulsed by: Dr. Pepper and Mayonnaise
● Considers herself and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, one in the same

Aishah Stone

Client Success Coach

Megan another member of our success coaching team, she works diligently to ensure each and every one of her clients are implementing the best practices we have established throughout the years. When she’s not on the phone with one of our advisors you can find her painting on the patio, enjoying a plate of sushi with friends, or locked away reading the latest novel.

● Godmother to four dogs and one human.
● Secretly an avid Lego Collector
● Despises: Disorganization

Megan Spackman

Client Success Coach

Jack handles every software-related issue with ease. If you ever run into problems with your CRM there is no doubt Mr. Dangerfield will get it taken care of. When he’s not fixing software bugs, you can find him listening to audiobooks, jamming out to Metallica, or writing fanfiction.

● Is frustrated he can’t set whatever number he wants for his bank account balance
● Huge Lord of the Rings fan
● Can’t live without: His Laptop, brother, and chips

Jack Dangerfield

Software Support Technician

Phil is our G5 wizard, teaching new and old gorillas all about the CRM. When not working on new features of G5 or writing the latest documentation on the CRM, Phil can be found assembling and painting his latest and greatest character models.

● The Master of Puns
● Expert of anything Star Wars and Marvel
● D&D Guru

Philip Forbes

Gorilla 5 Product Specialist

Robert or “RK”, if you’re lucky enough to be his friend is our internal “IT” guy. He’s the guy we call when nothing seems to be working, he’ll click around for 2 minutes and suddenly it’s working again (some call him a magician). When he’s not fixing all our computer issues or working on “the next big thing” he enjoys woodworking, poker, and graphic design.

● Loves destroying his kids at dodge ball
● Sushi Connoisseur
● Owns more reptiles than he does dogs

Robert Jensen

Internal Information Technology

Come join the troop.


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