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Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

Be present when your clients need you the most

Presence is our fully-automated financial advisor email marketing service that leverages the power of our legendary content to deliver timely, relevant communications to your current clients and prospects.

Bring in Assets

Deepen relationships with targeted email marketing campaigns that provide valuable content to your current clients and your future ones.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Focus on running your business and let us manage your digital marketing, your email list, your ideal target audience segments, and your opt-in list, unsubscribes, and CTAs (calls-to-action).

We've got your back

We know what your prospects are looking for when they search for financial services, and we can provide email content tailored directly to them.

Email Marketing Campaigns that generate AUM

From marketing tactics to email newsletters to CRM automation, our tools and strategies have helped advisors build very successful financial practices, many reaching upward of billion-dollar financial planning advisories.

The power of this system can be distilled down to the quality of our messaging content.

Our messages and letters have generated tens of billions of dollars in new assets under management.

And now, with Presence, you, too, can enjoy the benefits of the asset-generating message strategies that have built some of the biggest practices in the industry. 

Presence simplifies your email marketing and lead generation. It can inspire prospects to call you. It can generate referrals. It can help you build your business, just as it’s done with others who’ve used it before. But easier than ever before.

You won’t even have to touch your email service provider.

We write it. You approve it. We send it. You grow.

What do I get?

Proven content to nurture, educate, and generate more assets from what you already have. 

We meet once a quarter to map out your upcoming marketing calendar, so you don’t have to worry about what to send and when.

Clients using Presence think of us as part of their team. We only offer a select number of spots to make sure we give them our best.

We write, design, segment, and schedule all of your marketing emails for you. And then we analyze the metrics on your open rates, unsubscribe rate, and measure your conversion rate to refine your campaigns. Never think about your email subject lines again! If you’re just plain done with trying to hack together your email marketing effort, then it’s time for us to manage your online Presence!

Let Presence keep you connected so you can focus on your practice

Presence Effortlessly Builds Your Brand

When you send email messages that educate or enlighten your clients and prospects, it automatically positions you as an expert advisor. We write our marketing content to help advisors just like you create a lasting brand that showcases your integrity, builds trust in your audience, and even helps you get new clients through referrals and word of mouth. With Presence, you create top-of-mind awareness that develops a base of raving fans.

Presence Creates Opportunities

It’s simple. We’re marketers. We know how to create action with words because that is our job. We’ll get you the prospects who want to work with you, and help clients think of you first when talking with their friends and family. It’s your job to do what you do best and provide great financial advice.

Presence Builds Stronger Relationships with your Clients

Emotions drive rash investment decisions. When the market is strong, not much “handholding” is needed. When markets are volatile, your clients and prospects are bombarded by confusing, terrifying, and conflicting news. Your message must cut through this noise and follow up with your thoughts on how your clients can thrive through a crisis. You need to rapidly explain complicated situations that ease their fears and worries and make them easy to understand.

Presence communicates over time that you understand your clients and prospects worries and concerns, which in turn, demonstrates your dependability by providing timely information. This action alone builds confidence in your ability to guide these individuals through market volatility, which generates both word of mouth and real referrals.

Stay Top-of-Mind with One-Click Approvals

Our service is “Done-for-You”, which means we do the planning, design, and delivery of your email messages. All you have to do is click and approve, or send changes, and we take care of the rest.

Track Results with Ease

We keep tabs on how your campaigns are performing, digging deeper into metrics to make smarter decisions for your future campaigns. In addition, you will have access to the reporting you need to view the results of each campaign. In this way, we can ensure that you are getting the leads you need to grow at the pace you want.

Let's get started.

If you’re ready to quit the email rat race and finally put your emails on autopilot, let’s get you started on one of our plans.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our Presence team before getting started, please call: 888-495-7303 or schedule an appointment by clicking the button below.

Pay Monthly

$ 325* Monthly
  • 3-4 Emails sent per Month
  • Built-in Compliance Assistance
  • Customized Email Template
  • CRM Integrations
  • Peace of Mind

Pay Yearly

$ 3700* ($300 per mo. paid yearly)
  • 3-4 Emails sent per Month
  • Built-in Compliance Assistance
  • Customized Email Template
  • CRM Integrations
  • Peace of Mind
Best Deal

Experience Presence

Whenever market volatility strikes, you should send a handholding letter. This is perhaps the single best thing you can do to cement your brand as an expert advisor, which in turn will win you more assets, more referrals, and more new clients.

With Presence we will send a new handholding letter whenever there’s a major market swing or geopolitical event. For example, when the world woke up to the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine, we released this handholding message before the markets even closed that day.

Sometimes, your clients will encounter important news or confusing headlines. When that happens, a little context can make all the difference between a client who is merely satisfied and one who is a raving fan of yours. With Presence we periodically release “Trending Now” messages explaining the economic news that’s, well…trending now.

As an example, here’s an example of what Presence would send it out for you, examining President Biden’s “American Rescue Plan of 2021.”

Similar to our "trending now" and "handholding" content we also release periodic content on the current state of the market. As an example we have provided "midterms & markets"

Your clients may be wondering what the elections could mean for the markets. To help educate them on what they should – and should not – be thinking about, we released this market update email how the markets historically perform before and after a midterm election.

With Presence you will also periodically receive visually stunning infographics for your emails. We found this helps keep your readers engaged and excited to open your emails.

As an example we have provided our "401(k) Questions" infographic, this would be a good infographic to send to any pre-retiree clients or prospects. It promotes calling you for a second opinion on how they can get the most out of their 401(k).

If you’re like most advisors, you probably know people whom you would love to have as clients but are unwilling or unable to solicit them directly. Every month we write two special emails just for them. One email is always based on a heartwarming story to inspire the reader and show that dreams really do come true if you work for them.

As an example, take this email about Manfred Steiner, who earned his Ph.D. in physics at the tender age of 89…showing why it’s never too late for any of us to dream a new dream.

Holiday related content will not only build tremendous goodwill with your clients and prospects, they will cement your identity as that of a Good Citizen.

As an example of what type of holiday content you would receive with Presence we have provided this email on a true story about a soldier in the Korean War who wanted to give his family the greatest Christmas gifts they ever received. It’s a heartwarming tale about what really matters on Christmas.

We deliver success.

Capture leads. Drive traffic. Grow effortlessly. We deliver everything you need to build deeper relationships with your most important audiences. From email to CRM, we deliver tools to help financial advisors like you grow your business and keep what you’ve got.


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