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The Invisible Influence

Mastering the Subconscious Decisions That Control Investor Behavior

The Secrets Behind Every Financial Choice: Navigating Investor Behavior & Psychology

Ever gazed at the stock market’s ups and downs and scratched your head? Or wondered why a client made a certain investment decision when the stats screamed otherwise? You’re not alone!

Every time an investor dives into the world of stocks, mutual funds, or asset management, they’re not just driven by numbers. Behind every financial decision, there’s a story—a story of emotions, biases, and often, deeply ingrained habits. It’s not just about the main financial markets or the volatility of the stock market. There’s a lot more to it.

Join us for an eye-opening webinar: “Mastering the Subconscious Decisions That Control Investor Behavior.” Teaming up with Cory Clark from DALBAR, Inc., the powerhouse of financial market research, we journey into the intriguing world of behavioral finance. From New York’s bustling financial streets to European investment strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll uncover:

  • Loss Aversion & Beyond: It’s not always about fearing a possible loss. Dive into the complex emotions steering investment decisions.
  • Following the Crowd – The “Herd” Mentality: Ever noticed how investors often move like a flock, be it in mutual funds or the broader stock market? Let’s demystify this.
  • Building Trust in Finance: The foundation of any robust financial plan rests on three pillars. Hint: Trust is a biggie!
  • Personal Touch in the Age of Bots: In our automated world, why does a genuine conversation still hold power in financial planning?

But hold on, there’s more!

Central to our discussion is a treasure trove of insights from behavioral economics. We’re talking about the psychology of investing that influences every investor, be it individual investors or the big-shot institutional investors. Understand the role of overconfidence, the impact of short-term goals, and the beauty of diversification.

Inspired by the works of giants in the field like Kahneman, and backed by reputed sources like John Wiley & Sons, Inc., this session is your roadmap to understanding investment behavior.

So, if you’re a financial advisor aiming to decode behavioral biases or someone just keen on understanding investor psychology, this is your golden ticket. By the end of it, you’ll be predicting investment returns like a pro and perhaps even guiding your client’s asset allocation strategies.

Ready to unveil the secrets of investor behavior? Dive deep with us and see the world of finance through a fresh lens!

Mastering Investor Behavior

Cory Clark

Chief Marketing Officer


Mastering Investor Behavior

Matt Hicken AAMS®

Sr. VP of Client Success

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