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The Client Engagement Formula That Increased this Advisor's AUM by 900%!


Are you ready to unlock the formula that skyrocketed a Texas advisor’s AUM by 900%? Join us for an exclusive, one-time webinar revealing the strategies Mark Trice used to transform his $14M practice into a $134.4M business.

What Makes This Approach Exceptional?

Mark’s story isn’t just inspiring, it’s instructive. Starting with a modest client base and a vision, he adopted our Client Engagement Formula and made it his own. His success isn’t just in the numbers; it’s in the smiles, the thank-you cards, and the frequent referrals.

Last year alone, Mark’s client-first strategy yielded over 32 referrals. Yes, you read that right—thirty-two individuals were introduced to him thanks to his great service.

The Client Engagement Formula Unveiled

During the webinar, Mark unpacks the critical elements of the Client Engagement Formula. You’ll gain insights into:

  • Team Dynamics and Consistent Branding: Learn how Mark built a team that not only understands his business ethos but also delivers consistent, brand-aligned messages across all platforms. Discover the importance of each team member’s role in cultivating client relationships and how a unified team can amplify your brand’s voice.
  • Diverse Communication Strategies: Mark leverages a blend of traditional and digital communication methods to keep his clients informed and engaged. From hosting educational webinars to sending personalized emails, and even direct phone calls, learn how varied communication channels can enhance client satisfaction and drive referrals.
  • Proactive Client Management: Explore how proactive rather than reactive client management can lead to higher satisfaction rates. Mark will detail how his team stays ahead of client needs and how they use personalized touchpoints to make clients feel valued and understood.

Why Engagement Is the Key to Referrals

It’s simple — people talk about experiences that move them. Just as you’d eagerly share a memorable meal at a restaurant where the service was impeccable, clients will talk about the exceptional service they receive from their advisors.

Client engagement isn’t just about meeting expectations; it’s about exceeding them in every interaction, making each client not just satisfied, but thrilled.

What You Will Learn:

  • Blueprint for Success: The key aspects of the client engagement formula that Mark used to increase his AUM by 900%.
  • Multiply Your Referrals: Learn how Mark consistently receives significant client referrals each year by making simple yet impactful changes to how he interacts with clients.
  • Communication Mastery: How to use multiple channels like podcasts, webinars, emails, and direct communication to build trust and keep clients engaged.
  • Actionable Strategies: Real strategies that you can implement immediately, not just theories. These are practical steps that have been tested and proven in the trenches.

Capitalize on Every Client Interaction

Discover how to turn every client interaction into an opportunity for growth. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a significant milestone, you’ll learn how to make each moment count and turn it into a potential referral.

Mark Trice

Founder & Lead Advisor

ClearVista Financial

Matt Hicken

Senior VP of Consulting

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