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The Billion Dollar Blueprint

How to Build, Train, and Leverage a High-Impact Team

$500,000 to $4,600,000
Good to Great…with the Right People

There is a debate that has been going on for hundreds of years. We’ll solve it for you right here.

The chicken came first.

What do we mean?

You have big goals. Those end-of-the-rainbow objectives. You will not get there without the right people in the right spots. That $500,000 to $4.6M in production scenario? That advisor hired a great team first. And he followed our recipe to do it.

Now, you may be saying, “I have tried to hire the right team. I just have bad luck in finding people.” The thing is, it’s not actually luck. It’s a process. And we’ve documented it.

For nearly five decades, Bill Good has been studying the financial advice business. He has trained countless advisors to grow their businesses. In that work, Bill discovered a critical secret. No advisor can grow significantly on their own. They need a team.

Of course, most know they need a team now. But, when Bill forecasted that teams would be the way to grow, it wasn’t even a blip on the radar to everyone else. From that initial realization, Bill has studied and worked with the top teams everywhere. That means that for decades Bill has studied and tested the answers to:

  • What Defines a Good Team
  • Why Hire a Team
  • Whom to Hire
  • When to Hire…
  • and How to Hire

Bill has documented and explained this whole process for decades. And now we have great news!

Bill and Matt (who started with Bill 22 years ago this week and spent nearly 14 years working in that $500k to $4.6M advisor’s office) have re-written the Surefire Team Development process! They would like to walk you through it.

What is Surefire Team Development?

It is the complete, documented method for how you can go from good to great through proper team building. Why call it Surefire? Because it works every time. If you follow the full process for hiring the right people, we know it will get the right people into the right seats to drive your business to the next level. 

Can’t you get there without a team? Technology and streamlining your day can get you pretty far but not as far as you want to go. Bill found that advisors are worth $1,500+ per hour. BUT only when focusing on advising interested and qualified clients and prospects. It was in 1985 when Bill developed the team concept. He’s been focusing on it ever since.

In fact, Bill has founded and written the Laws for team building. These laws are constantly broken in this industry, to the detriment of those who do it. Bill and Matt will be discussing these laws with you and why breaking them will cause you to fail. Every time.

When you think of the great teams, they all have four things:

  1. Operate with a high degree of interdependence,
  2. Share authority and responsibility for self-management,
  3. Are accountable for the collective performance, and
  4. Work toward a common goal and shared reward.

So, what is a team in this industry?

In its early formation the team had three people: Financial Advisor, Sales Assistant, and Service Assistant. After seeing horrendous mistakes in data entry and other computer operations, Bill added the Computer Operator.

You may ask, has it evolved since then?

Yes. And no. Titles have adjusted over the years. The focus has shifted to what is needed on the team right now to allow for more selling time. But, it is the same concept and idea that has only grown over time.

In fact, what we’ve found is that those who develop the team the Surefire way truly feel what Narish Jain described as:

“Team members…help other team members realize their true potential, and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond their limitations.”

In other words, 1+2=5

In this webinar, Bill Good and Matt Hicken will describe how you can get there.

Bill Good

Founder & Chairman

Bill Good Marketing

Matt Hicken AAMS®

Sr. VP of Client Success

Bill Good Marketing

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