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3 Steps to Triple Your Growth Rate

with Special Guest David Baker

Do you want to take more time off? Are there goals outside of your career that you’d like to pursue?

If you answered yes to either question, then we have a webinar for you!

In this webinar we are going to be talking with a spectacular guest, David Baker. David became a Bill Good Marketing client in April of 2021. At the start of our relationship, David wanted to accomplish two things:

  • He wanted to grow his business.
  • He did not want it to be at the expense of his family.

So, basically, David’s goals could be summed up simply as: 

  • More time, and
  • More money

That’s a goal we are fully behind, and we have some very effective strategies to help him get both.

But even we were surprised at the speed at which David expanded his business! (And we’re the ones known for the two-year double!)

In the first seven months of our relationship, David implemented three of our best practices in record time.

It resulted in two things:

  • Almost 30 million in new assets. For the first time in his career, David’s recurring revenue topped his transactional income.
  • Four vacations with his family in a year. That’s also another career milestone.  

In this webinar, David is going to talk about our strategies, what we coached him on, the adjustments we made, and what he had to overcome to triple his growth rate.

We want you to have more money. We want you to take more time off.

It’s possible. And these MUST DO strategies will help you accomplish both.

If you have been longing for more time to spend, you need to attend this webinar. If you want more money to afford a bigger lifestyle, you need to attend this webinar.

These three strategies will help you get there.

Guest Speaker

David Baker, CFP® AIF®

Managing Partner


Matt BW

Matt Hicken AAMS®

Sr. VP of Client Success

Bill Good Marketing

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