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Autopilot for Advisors – Ed Blumenthal

Creating a Self-Sustaining Practice So You Can Focus on You

From self-driving cars to robots to “set it and forget it” software, society is obsessed with finding hacks to make everyday life easier, less time consuming, and more productive.

What if you could do that with your entire practice? What if you could make your business so self-sustaining, it could not only run itself, but grow itself, too?

In this replay, Ed Blumenthal will show you how.  

You know Ed.  Along with his partners, Mark and Chris, he runs a practice in Philadelphia called Stedmark Partners with over $2.25 billion in AUM.  Over the last year alone, they’ve raised $83M in new assets.  He’s also one of the most oft-requested guest speakers on the entire System!  

Unfortunately, Ed got into a terrible accident earlier in the year.  He was so badly injured, he was forced to devote all his time and energy into recuperating.  For over a month, he was not able to work at all.  

Fortunately, Stedmark Partners already had the systems, procedures, and people in place so that the practice could continue running seamlessly.  It was like putting a plane on autopilot – giving Ed the confidence and peace of mind that the business would get exactly where it needed to go even without his hand on the controls.  As a result, when Ed returned to the office, he found that:

  • The team had completed every action, resolved every issue, answered every question, and even replied to every email in his absence.  Nothing was missed.  
  • Clients never once expressed worry about their money.  The only thing they asked about was Ed’s wellbeing.    
  • Everything was so ahead of schedule, Ed was able to take his first 10 days and just ease himself back into the flow of work without having to play catch-up.  
  • Most amazingly of all, the business had actually grown while he was out!

It goes without saying that most advisor practices are not currently capable of this kind of self-sustainment.  But every advisor’s can be – if you have the right systems in place! 

In this replay, Ed will show you which procedures and best practices made the most difference while he was out, along with how you can adapt and implement them for your specific situation.  

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a tiered action plan for getting more done each and every day.  (Stedmark Partners started this at the beginning of the pandemic and will never go back to life without it!)
  • The team’s system for ensuring that every task can be immediately re-assigned and promptly handled by another team member.  (That means no more silos or waiting for things to get done!)  
  • How to ensure anyone on your team can help any client with any issue or opportunity. That means no more sweating those small-but-crucial details that only you can supposedly handle!  (Spoiler: It’s all based on Ed’s twist on “The Law.”)  
  • How to train your team to find new prospects, generate new referrals, and bring in out-of-house assets on their own initiative.  
  • And more!

What this means for you:

Creating an “Advisor Autopilot” system isn’t just for dealing with a crisis.  It’s for ensuring you always have the ability to focus on you when needed.  For example…

  • Want to take your spouse on that epic globetrotting trip for your 25th wedding anniversary?  Now you can.  
  • Want to take a month and finally write that book in your head?  Now you can.
  • Want to spend more time going to your children’s soccer games and dance recitals?  Now you can.  
  • Want to take better care of your physical and mental health?  Now you can.  
  • Want to transition to a different phase of your career without having to worry about the day-to-day?  Now you can.  

This is, quite simply, practice management on a different level.  

Ed is going to give you a deep look at the inner workings of a $2 billion business.  From his notes to his processes to his Speedbuttons, you’ll learn how to create a self-sustaining (and self-growing) practice… so you can focus on you!   

Ed Blumenthal

Financial Advisor

Stedmark Partners - Janney Montgomery Scott

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