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How This FA Doubled His Business in 2021...

And How You Can Do it in 2022!

Double your business or work half as much.” For decades, we at Bill Good Marketing have helped thousands of advisors accomplish this incredible milestone, often in just 2-3 years. Now, we’re thrilled to welcome a new advisor to the ranks of those who have “done a double.”

His name is Mark Stallsmith, and you really need to hear his story.

Mark is an independent financial advisor based in Pennsylvania. He specializes in investment management, financial planning, and insurance services. Over the last five years, he has gone from $60M in AUM to over $140M. Over the last three years, he has doubled his revenue. (Even more noteworthy: Much of this growth has come during the last two years during a pandemic!)

But what’s truly special about Mark isn’t the raw numbers. It’s that he accomplished a double by making four small but crucial changes to his business.

You see, several years ago, Mark realized his business simply wasn’t operating as efficiently as it should.

As a result, he was running himself into the ground trying to keep up. So, after a lot of thought and planning, Mark identified four areas of his practice that needed fixing.


  • How to remove nearly all service work off your plate so you can focus on being a financial advisor, not a service advisor.
  • How to ensure each member of your staff is wearing the right hat…and how to identify which hats aren’t currently being worn at all. (This is so important!)
    How to transition from a reactive, maintenance-oriented team to a proactive, growth-oriented team.


  • One simple change Mark made that has led to skyrocketing top-of-mind awareness with his clients and prospects.
  • What types of information clients and prospects truly want to receive from you that leads to more referrals and more business.


  • The stunning discovery Mark made as to why he wasn’t getting referrals – and the ridiculously simple change he made to fix the problem. (This is a change every advisor can make!)
  • How Mark gets referrals not just from clients, but from prospects, too! (You read that right. In fact, Mark estimates 72% of his referrals come from prospects. Incredible!)


  • How Mark cracked the code to marketing during a pandemic by switching from selling advice to giving joy.
  • Mark’s unparalleled COVID-safe event strategy that gets clients to introduce Mark to their friends and family. (And gets these same introductions to corner Mark in the grocery store asking, “Why haven’t you called me yet?”)

Mark Stallsmith

Senior Advisor

Financial Essentials

Matthew Bailey

Director of Content

Bill Good Marketing

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