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Is the Bear at Your Back Porch?

The Wall Street Journal and multiple other outlets announced the arrival of the Bear on Monday, June 13th.

I am sure by the time you read this, your phones have been ringing, your email box has been filling up, and you’ve already heard from some worried clients.

Here, at Bill Good Marketing, our Head Writer is busy working on a handholding letter for our financial advisor clients to send out to their clients. Our handholding letters break down what is happening in the markets, why this is happening, and what they should think about it.

It’s written in language that is simple and soothing and brings a lot of calm to the fears created by the media.

Once we post that to the Client Portal, the financial advisors who use our materials will have it waiting for their clients first thing tomorrow morning. Most of their clients won’t call in because they know their best course of action is to listen to their advisor and follow the plan.

Our clients not only survive these downturns, they thrive.

Over the last few weeks, many of our advisors have reported how they have generated new business thanks to our formula for handholding.

If you are not talking to your clients, someone else is. And that means someone else is the thought leader guiding them through this looming crisis.

Don’t let your competitors do your job. Attend this webinar and we will give you the tools to switch from playing defense to approaching this market like the opportunity it really is.

Get the tools you need to take FULL advantage of this moment in time. Because, as the market shrinks, the advisors who deploy the best handholding strategies will be the ones who get the biggest share of this changing tide.

Frantz Widmaier

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Good Marketing

Matt Hicken

Sr. VP of Client Success

Bill Good Marketing

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