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Retaining and Building Your Most Profitable Pipeline

This is Ray Dunlap, and he’s someone you really should listen to. Ray is a CFP® in Georgia with over $100M in AUM. He’s been a client of Bill Good Marketing for over 30 years…and is one of the best advisors in the industry at relationship marketing.

Relationship Marketing has been a cornerstone best practice of the Bill Good Marketing System almost as long as The System itself has been around.

And for good reason.

It’s good business to keep what you have, it’s more cost-efficient to market to current clients, and it helps you meet prospects that mimic your best clients.
In fact, if you were to poll the most successful advisors on the System – advisors like Ray Dunlap – virtually all of them have experienced tremendous growth in 2020 and 2021 through Relationship Marketing.

You have heard our Executives like Matt Hicken, AAMS®, Sr. VP of Client Success, and Matthew Bailey, Head Writer and Director of Client Content, talk about the importance of Relationship Marketing dozens of times over the years. Through articles, webinars, and letters, Bill Good Marketing has sought to help advisors like you implement and capitalize on Relationship Marketing.

And they are here to do it again in this webinar, Relationship Marketing: Retaining and Building Your Most Profitable Pipeline. But this time they will be joined by long-time Gorilla and Relationship Marketing Maven, Ray Dunlap.

On this webinar, Matt, Matthew, and Ray will discuss:

  • What Relationship Marketing is and how to use it to keep what you’ve got
  • How to leverage the data you already have in your CRM to deepen relationships and generate new referrals and introductions
  • Why client service and relationship marketing go hand in hand…and how to create a Ritz Carlton-level experience for your clients that makes them brag about their advisor
  • The steps you must take to get in front of your clients’ friends, family, and coworkers
  • Examples of superior Relationship Marketing in action

If you are looking for ways to drive new business, increase your ROI, and turn your client base into a community, you need to watch this webinar.

Ray Dunlap

Financial Advisor

Dunlap & Assoc.

Matthew Bailey

Director of Content

Bill Good Marketing

Matt Hicken

Sr. VP of Client Success

Bill Good Marketing

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April 23, 2024

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