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Survival of the Fittest – John Halterman

The Secret to Making Your Processes More Efficient & Effective

Processes! Whether you use Speedbuttons, Activity Plans, workflows, or good ol’ fashioned checklists, every practice depends on consistent, repeatable processes to grow. In fact, the highest-grossing FAs on our System usually reach the top because of their processes.

But ask yourself this question: If you could have a 10-step process or a 5-step process that accomplished the exact same thing, which would you choose?

That’s pretty easy. The 5-step process, right? When it comes to productivity, efficiency is king.

Now take it even further. What if you could not only make your processes more efficient, but more effective, too? What if you could transform that 10-step process into a 5-step… that helped you accomplish more than ever before?

That’s what John Halterman has done over the past year, as part of a major evolution of his entire practice. It started by taking a look at his Client Engagement process and asking his team, “What steps can we cut… without hurting our relationships?”

From there, John began pruning and refining nearly all his processes. He looked at his marketing processes making critical changes to how often he runs each type of event. He looked at his sales processes and evolved both his sales presentation and removed excess questions to only ask the critical ones. He evolved the way he does client reviews to make them more for the client’s benefit.

And in the process, he discovered something magical:

When you streamline your processes, you don’t just save time. You connect better with clients and prospects – because you save their time, too!

When John showed us what he was doing, we knew we had to invite him back to speak. We’re so glad he accepted, because…

In this replay, he’ll show you how to evolve your processes, too – so they become more efficient, more effective, and as Bill would say, more better!

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify and remove bloat from the processes that support your business… so you can spend more time doing what you love with the people you love.
  • How to simplify your sales presentation by honing in on only the critical questions with hot prospects. (This can dramatically shorten your sales cycle!)
  • How to simplify your client engagement so that clients feel appreciated and cared for while not burying your team in administrative busywork.
  • How to make your seminar, webinar, and client event presentations more exciting and engaging. (Hint: Talk less, listen more!)
  • How scheduling listening sessions with your clients leads to more assets and referrals.
  • And more!

Your business depends on processes. Every time you meet with a client, run a marketing campaign, hold a team meeting, execute a trade, or prepare a financial plan, you rely on them.

Now, you will learn how to make your processes take less time and get more done – so you can grow your business faster and see your family more.

That’s what you want, isn’t it?

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John Halterman

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