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The Prospecting Playbook

Defensive and Offensive Strategies for a Volatile Market

We all want to keep the clients we enjoy working with. If you lose clients as fast as you gain them, it doesn’t help your business grow. Nobody wants to lose an ideal client, especially if it’s because they think you can’t help them.

To grow your business by 15-20% per year, you need to be the first one your clients and potential clients think of when they need financial help. You need to own that mental real estate we call Top of Mind.

By using a mix of marketing strategies for keeping current clients and finding more prospective clients, your business will grow no matter what the market is like. This guide will help you get referrals and connect with your clients’ family members and friends. It will give you marketing tips and content marketing strategies to use during tough times. It will also help you find out what types of clients and prospects are right for your business.

how to get clients as financial advisor

Playbook Summary

Here’s what you should do:

Give great financial advice: Be a financial advisor who gives expert financial advice that fits your clients’ needs, and ensures they can plan for their financial future.

Offer excellent service: Make your financial services better by being quick, efficient, and friendly. Use a team approach to handle client services so you can focus on other parts of your wealth management business.

Stay in touch: Build strong relationships with current and potential clients by communicating regularly. Use email marketing, social media, and LinkedIn to stay connected with your target audience.

Have a communication plan: Get involved in content marketing by sending clients a letter about things they’re interested in at least once a month. Use different letters and content to show that you’re a trusted financial planner and expert in managing money.

Send thoughtful letters: Strengthen your outreach sending personal letters that show you care about your clients and their families. These go a long way in creating lasting relationships.

Celebrate birthdays: Send personalized birthday letters to every client, spouse, and child to create goodwill and build relationships. Be sure to regularly categorize your database with these demographics.

Teach clients: Host webinars, seminars, and in-person events to share valuable information and meet new clients. These events help maintain relationships, teach clients, and bring in new business. Implement a consistent follow-up plan. It can take up to two years for a seminar attendee to become a client.

Find clients at a low cost: Use techniques like referrals, social media marketing, and LinkedIn to find new clients without spending a lot. Use different marketing strategies, like cold email and digital marketing, as well as traditional lead generation campaigns like cold calling, direct mail, and in-person prospecting to grow your client base.

Increase your online presence: Boost your marketing efforts by staying active online, joining discussions on forums, and sharing client testimonials. Hire an expert at SEO to help you gain that first page search result when prospects search for a financial advisor.

Partner with others: Work with business owners, CFP’s, and other professionals to grow your network and find new clients through strategic partnerships and word-of-mouth.

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