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Renew your Bronze subscription with access to Bill Good Marketing’s content on the Wells Fargo My Marketing Portal.
  • Access to Famous Letters: Get direct access to Bill Good’s famous, highest-producing letters, now available on the Wells Fargo platform. Hundreds of pieces at your fingertips, with new content added weekly.
  • Access to Hundreds of Social Media Posts: Get access to BGM’s own Social Media posts on the client portal, or directly through the My Marketing Portal.
  • Compliance Approved: All content is already approved by Wells Fargo compliance, saving you time and hassle.
  • Holiday Letters: Send messages for major holidays, creating goodwill with clients and prospects, leading to new business and referrals.
  • Handholding & Market Update Messages: During market uncertainty, provide clients with comforting handholding messages, demonstrating your expertise and reliability.
  • Educational Infographics & Newsletters: Stand out as the premier expert in your field with educational content that goes beyond slickness and offers substance.
  • Etiquette Letters: Deepen relationships with clients and prospects by reaching out during important moments in their lives, such as bereavement or major life changes.
  • Campaigns: Access successful campaigns like “Find the Money” to help you generate new business and capture out-of-house assets.
  • Proven Success: Our letters and content have helped advisors grow for over forty years, with real-life success stories from satisfied users.
  • Engaging, Enlightening, and Encouraging: Every piece is designed to evoke emotions in your clients and prospects, building strong relationships and loyalty.
  • Exclusive Partnership: Bill Good Marketing has partnered with Wells Fargo to provide this content right at your fingertips.
Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your client relationships, boost referrals, and grow your business with Bill Good Marketing’s My Marketing portal subscription.
If you have questions, please feel free to call 888-495-7303 or click here to schedule an appointment.
Renew your Bronze Subscription with Access to My Marketing portal today!

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