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Client Marketing:

How to Find New Assets and Create Introductions Every Week

Most financial advisors think they control most of their clients’ assets. But here’s the truth:

On average, advisors control only 40-50% of client assets.

How do we know? Because over the last forty years, we’ve coached thousands of advisors on how to FIND MORE MONEY, and the result is almost always the same:

They’ve discovered tens of millions in assets they didn’t even know existed.

That’s why in this webinar, Matt will show you the client marketing best practices that typically lead to new client assets and introductions every week!

Client Marketing the GOOD Way

The key to finding and capturing more client assets comes down to client marketing. When done correctly, client marketing ensures your clients stay with you in both good times and bad. It also leads to more assets and more referrals.

But it’s not enough just to market to your clients. Your client marketing must be consistent. It must be effective.

In this webinar, he will show you:

  • The #1 rule of client marketing all financial advisors must follow
  • The steps to near-perfect client retention
  • How to find new assets from existing clients each week
  • How to capture all the assets you find
  • And more!
Think your own client marketing is up to snuff? Not sure whether you need this webinar? There’s an easy way to find out. Ask yourself the following questions:

Matt Hicken

Sr. VP of Client Success

Bill Good Marketing

 Your answerWhat the best FAs
are currently doing
What percentage of your client assets do you currently hold??80-100%
On average, how much in new assets do you find from existing clients each week??$300,000-500,000
On average, how many new referrals from clients do you get per month??15% of our clients should provide a referral and 60% of those should close.
What’s the minimum personal contact level for clients??At least once every 90 days
How often do you send written communications to your clients??At least once every month
What percentage of your clients are you the sole provider for??At least 75%

If your own answers don’t quite match up with what the best financial advisors are doing, then we strongly suggest you watch this webinar.

Matt has personally coached hundreds of advisors through the successful implementation of these best practices in client marketing. More importantly, he has implemented them himself in a thriving practice for nearly 14 years. he’s worked as a fully licensed portfolio manager, marketing director, practice manager, and service advisor for a team that grew to well over half a billion in AUM through implementing all best practices in client marketing. He knows what it takes to implement these best practices while handling day-to-day business. He will be passing on some of the key lessons to you.

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April 23, 2024

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