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The Four Investment Rules That Will Win You New Business

How to Sell Under the New SEC Rule

The SEC’s new Marketing Rule, it’s fair to say, has many advisors scratching their heads and wondering.

Wondering how in the world they can still demonstrate value when it comes to investing.

Wondering how they can attract prospective clients without unwittingly “breaking the rules.”

Wondering how to adapt their sales presentation for today’s investors and close more prospects.

No more wondering. Now, it’s time to know.

The men to your right are Ric Lager and Connor Kamp, CFA. Ric is a master of technical analysis and one of the foremost experts on 401(k) advice in the industry. Connor is the Director of Advisor Solutions at Nasdaq Dorsey Wright. Over the last few months, these two have made it their mission to learn everything they can about the new SEC Rule… and how advisors can actually leverage the new rule to grow their business.

Now, they are going to share what they’ve discovered with you.

They’ll help you get a clear picture of how you can market yourself and your investment strategy under the new SEC Marketing Rule. In just one hour, you will come away with a clear picture of what tools you can use and how to use them to demonstrate your investment expertise and value to prospective clients.

The new SEC Marketing Rule contains multiple prohibitions and restrictions that all investment advisors must follow when it comes to their marketing – especially when it comes to marketing their investment performance.

But while this new rule makes selling trickier, it also presents an opportunity for some advisors to get ahead of the game. That’s because Ric and Connor have four rules of their own – rules that will help set you apart from your competition and demonstrate immediate value to clients and prospects in just one appointment.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of the new SEC Rule, including what you can do and what you can’t.
  • Why you can still show “The Cost of the Problem” to your prospects, and how to do it under the new Rule.
  • The best tools available to advisors to create models, back-test results, and use the data to craft a superstar sales presentation.
  • Sales techniques specifically adapted for this new period, each designed to help you show your investment expertise.
  • The Four Investment Rules that will set you apart from your competitors and make you stand out.

If you use technical analysis OR you want to break into the 401(k) advice niche, I’m telling you, DO NOT MISS THIS WEBINAR. Not only will you learn valuable information for protecting your business, you will learn invaluable techniques for growing your business. You will learn how to both follow the new SEC Marketing Rule and use it to actually help you close more prospects.

For years, Ric Lager has taught tactical advisors how to sell by showing what they do, not telling what they do. On this webinar, he and Connor will show you how to do exactly that.

So, drop what you’re doing and watch this webinar.

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Advisor Solutions Nasdaq Dorsey Wright

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