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How this Advisor Averages 60 Referrals Per Year

And how you can, too!

This is Bryan Sarff, a Certified Financial Planner in Overland Park, Kansas. Ten years ago, Bryan had precisely zero clients and zero assets. Today, in 2023, he has 220 households and over $150M in AUM. That’s a heckuva growth rate!

Like the best financial advisors, there are multiple reasons for his success. But a big part of the story is that he averages 60-100 client referrals every year.

You read that right. Over 60 client referrals. Every single year. (Some years, he’ll get as high as 120!)

How does Bryan do it? He calls it his Client Etiquette Process. It’s all the steps he takes to ensure every important moment in a client’s life – good or bad, financial or familial – gets identified in advance, and then personally handled by him and his team. All the steps, in other words, to ensure every client feels so cared for that they can’t wait to refer their family, friends, and colleagues.

The result? 60-100 client referrals every year.

It’s safe to say that most advisors – especially those who are still in the earlier stages of their career – aren’t getting these kinds of numbers. That’s why, on this webinar, we asked Bryan to show you exactly what his process is and how you can replicate it.

On this webinar, you’ll learn how the most important thing you can do to get more referrals isn’t to ask for them. It’s retooling what you can do for your clients beyond just their finances… and then systemizing all the ways you care for them so that no opportunities get missed and no steps get skipped.

These are not fancy marketing techniques. It’s good, old-fashioned etiquette… and then turning that etiquette into a formal process so that everyone on your team can execute it for every client in every situation.

On this webinar, you’ll learn the steps in Bryan’s Client Etiquette Process and how it leads to more referrals. You’ll learn:

  • The complete list of events, milestones, challenges, and occasions in your clients’ lives that you cannot miss if you want to get more referrals. For instance:
    • Client’s birthday
    • Birth of a new grandchild
    • Child’s graduation
    • Death of a family member
    • Wedding anniversary
    • Important vacation or accomplishment
    • Financially important dates
  • How to identify these moments well in advance so your team can proactively handle them.
  • The exact steps to take whenever these events happen so clients feel valued, supported, and cared for.
  • How Bryan ensures these steps lead to over 60 actual, qualified referrals each year.
  • How to turn your referrals into clients! (On average, 50% of Bryan’s referrals become clients within the next three months.)
  • BONUS: How to cultivate those referrals that aren’t quite ripe yet, so they still become clients in the future.

Why this information leads to more referrals

One word: Engagement.

Most financial advisors are doing a good job of ensuring their clients’ basic needs are met. This leads to high client satisfaction. But think about it: Do you tell your friends about every experience you have that’s merely satisfying? When you visit, say, a doctor who spends five minutes with you, checks your vitals, and refills your prescription, do you rave about him or her to your family?

No, you probably don’t.

What about when you dine at a restaurant where the maître d’ welcomes you by name, the waiter is attentive and friendly, the food cooked to perfection, and you even get a complimentary dessert on the house because they already knew it was your spouse’s birthday?

You bet you’re going to tell people about it.

That’s why you want your own clients to feel more than satisfied. You want them raving about you. That’s what client engagement is.

That’s what Bryan’s Client Etiquette Process creates. And that is why he gets 60-100 referrals every year.

Now it’s your turn

If you aren’t seeing many referrals come through your door, I’m telling you: you must watch this webinar. You will learn simple, repeatable steps you can take right now with your clients that will create more engagement and turn them into raving fans. You will learn what really results in more referrals.

And you’ll learn it all in less than an hour!

Bryan Sarff CFP®

Founder & Advisor

True Wealth & Company

Matthew Bailey

Director of Content

Bill Good Marketing

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