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Financial Advisor’s Growth Strategies Lead to 35M in 2022

David Baker's Success Story

In 2022, financial advisor David Baker defied the odds by generating $34.5M in new AUM despite a 19.4% drop in the S&P 500. How did he achieve this remarkable business growth? Through strategic marketing efforts, David expanded his client base and elevated his financial planning practice to a whole new level. And he did it by leveraging the power of in-person client events, strategically utilizing centers of influence, effective content marketing, and generating more referrals.

This success story offers valuable insights for wealth management professionals seeking new advisor marketing strategies that generate more prospective clients.

The three prospecting channels that brought in 17 new clients and 34.5M in new AUM (3 = 17 = $34.5M)

Granted, this is not a formula that will pass muster with any mathematician. It is, however, the formula that David Baker used to generate his best year yet.

Let’s break those numbers down:
David implemented our marketing strategies across three prospecting channels in 2022. These three channels lead to 17 new clients who brought $34.5M in AUM to his investment management practice. This exceptional growth trajectory is rare in the financial services industry, particularly during a bear market.

And in this exclusive webinar, David will share the growth strategies that led to this new business and will ultimately create long-term success.

Needless to say, it is hardly a humble brag to state that David Baker is on a growth trajectory that is rare for financial planners in this industry, and almost unheard of in a bear market. And in this webinar he is going to share how he’s achieving this rapid business growth.

Prior to working with our team, David primarily relied on client referrals to grow his book of business. His annual average was $15M in new AUM.

In 2021, he hired us as his financial advisor consultant. And we focused on organizing his advisory practice for rapid expansion. We followed that up with a marketing plan to target prospective clients who are similar to his current clients. By the end of that year, David’s new AUM had nearly doubled to $29M.

In 2022, David expanded his marketing efforts to include three of our nine recommended prospecting channels, to further boost his success.

During the webinar, David Baker will share the exact methods and best practices that led to his exceptional growth. Key takeaways include:

  • The three essential channels that generated consistent growth.
  • Strategies for obtaining introductions and referrals, even in a down market.
  • Four critical statistics for successful prospecting.
  • How improving the sales cycle increased ROI in each channel.
  • Building a team and processes for sustained marketing success.

Financial advisors and wealth management professionals seeking to grow their practices should not miss this opportunity to learn from David’s success. Discover how implementing these business development strategies can help you achieve find more ideal clients, reach similar milestones, improve your practice management, achieve your own financial goals.

Don’t miss the chance to learn from David Baker’s success and make his winning formula your own in 2023. Register for the webinar today!

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