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Mastering Time Management

“Remember that time is money.” ­– Benjamin Franklin

Every day, thousands of advisors go into their office, close the door, and look at their massive “to­do” list. And every day, thousands of advisors make the same mistake. To explain what that mistake is, picture this scenario:

It’s time to mow the lawn, so you get out your mower and start working on your front yard. On the way, you notice there are a lot of weeds in the garden. So, you start pulling weeds. Once you have a pile, you head to the back to throw them into the garbage can. That’s when you notice how long the grass in your backyard is. So, you fetch your lawnmower and start on the backyard. After doing this for a few minutes, you remember that you never finished the front yard. So again, you go to the front to mow a few strips until –

Seems nuts, doesn’t it? No one mows their lawn this way.

But this is exactly how thousands of advisors spend each day. We’ll give you an example:

James Q. Sellers, financial advisor, goes into his office and looks at his massive “to­do” list. He picks up the phone to call a prospect, then notices he’s received several emails. So, he responds to a couple of those first until his assistant pops in with some papers to sign. Then he remembers he has a meeting to prep for. He starts doing that when his phone rings. It’s a client with a question. After chatting with the client for 30 minutes, he decides to check in on the markets. That reminds him of some investment research he has to do. Then a few emails come in, and he decides to respond to them before they really pile up. Before he knows it, four hours have gone by, and the meeting he was supposed to prep for starts in 20 minutes and he never was able to call that prospect.

Over my 20 years in the industry, and Bill Good Marketing’s 44 years, we’ve seen more advisors work this way than not. It’s an enormous mismanagement of time and probably the biggest culprit behind those dreaded ceilings on growth.

But here’s the Good News: the solution is simple.

In fact, the solutions (plural) are simple, because we’ve developed a number of simple ways to get more out of the time you already have. You may have heard about time blocking.  You may have even read some books on Time Management.  But you have not heard our key principles to having a Model Day which has helped thousands of advisors breakthrough to new growth!

So join me as we show you:

  • The optimal way to structure your day so you can see more clients and prospects.
  • How some of the best advisors in the business approach time management to create more $1,000 hours.
  • How to make better use of your team so they can protect your time.
  • 10 simple tricks to free up more of your time.
  • And more!

Time management is a critical topic, because according to numerous industry studies, the number one thing advisors wish they have more of (besides assets, of course) is TIME. Our own studies here at Bill Good Marketing show that you are worth at least $1,000/hour in gross revenue when meeting with and talking to clients and prospects.

But how often do you spend meeting and talking with clients and prospects? Probably not nearly as much as you would like.

Matt Hicken

Sr. VP of Client Success

Bill Good Marketing

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