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Seminars are Back!

How to Leverage What's Working NOW to Grow Your Business

Prospecting through the COVID era has been interesting, to say the least. Advisors across North America have been leveraging every remote prospecting strategy to keep their pipelines full. Some with success, others not so much.

One prospecting strategy that works consistently is seminars. Then social distancing put a damper on those for a while. But now, with the last two states, California and New York, lifting restrictions, we can officially say that SEMINARS ARE BACK!

And guess what, they’re already working!

For example, take one advisor in Wisconsin. He recently started giving seminars again. His results?

Response Rate: 0.81% (this may seem low if you’ve never given seminars before, but it’s actually a very solid number)
Number of Post-Seminar Appointments Set: 25
New Clients So Far: 5
Average # of New Assets Per Client: $1.3M

Here’s another advisor in Florida who’s doing even better:

Response Rate: 1.39% (amazing!)
Number of Post-Seminar Appointments: 27
New Clients So Far: 6
Average # of New Assets Per Client: $2.1M

And these are just two examples!

When it comes to achieving rapid, sky’s-the-limit growth, there is simply no better way to prospect than seminars. It’s the only method that puts you in front of multiple HNW investors at the same time. Here at Bill Good Marketing, we’ve worked with advisors who routinely bring in $30M or more each year from seminars alone.

With the nation finally reopening, and more and more people vaccinated, this is a historic opportunity to get in front of more prospects than ever before. Even better? Most advisors have yet to resume giving seminars, which means you have a window to get in front of the pack.

Unfortunately, with seminars, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that this window may be relatively short. It won’t be long before more of your competitors catch on to the fact that seminars are working again. Which means you don’t have long to get organized, or experiment with different seminar tactics. You need to hit the ground running now.

To help you fine-tune your newly (re)launched seminars and make your second half of 2021 stellar, we’re holding a webinar on what’s working for seminars right now.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Which hot topics and locations are pulling high response rates (up to 50% higher than pre-COVID!)
  • How to get your RSVPs to show up, with 90-98% attendance rates
  • How to attract more high-net-worth investors to your event, and get them to convert to appointments
  • And more!

Ryan VanSickle

Director of Advisor Development

Leading Response

Matthew Bailey

Director of Content

Bill Good Marketing

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