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Show, Don’t Tell

Techniques for closing tough prospects in just one meeting!

Fact: Many financial advisors have a selling problem. Nearly every week, our coaches here at Bill Good Marketing talk to at least one FA who is meeting with lots of prospects but only closing a few.

This man is Ric Lager.

He doesn’t have that problem.

Ric is a long-time veteran of the Bill Good Marketing System.

He’s also the co-creator of No More Pies®, a class that teaches financial advisors how to manage money using technical analysis. Most importantly, he’s one of the best closers you’ll ever come across, focusing solely on doctors, lawyers, consultants, and Fortune 500 executives – traditionally the toughest nuts to crack. His process is so refined, he recently closed two HNW prospects he’d never even met before… over email.

You read that right.

What is this process? Think of it as the “Show, Don’t Tell” approach. You see, many advisors talk until they’re blue in the face during sales presentations. Often, they require multiple appointments to close one prospect. Ric will show you how it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, you can close even the toughest of prospects by focusing on what you show instead of what you talk about. And you can do it in just one meeting!

On this webinar, Ric will demonstrate his approach to you and explain how you can adapt it to your own sales process regardless of your niche or specialty. So, if you’ve had prospects slip through the cracks over the last year, or if your sales process is taking too much time and effort, you must watch this webinar.

Stop me when this sounds familiar. You have a prospect who you’d love to work with. They’re a perfect fit in every way and seem really impressed by what you do. But when it’s time to close, they say, “No.” Or “I have to think about it,” and then stop returning your phone calls. Because it’s easier for them to just stay where they are. Or because the Edward Jones branch down the street has slightly lower fees. Or because they’re cynical about getting financial advice at all and figure they’ll just stick with Robinhood.

Frustrating? You bet. The good news is that the solution is really quite simple.

Understanding “The Cost of the Problem”

For Ric, it all comes down to showing prospects “The Cost of the Problem.” Put simply:

What will it cost you to do nothing?


What will you gain by working with me?

Chances are, you probably cover a little bit of this in your sales presentation already. But if you aren’t satisfied with your closing ratio, you’re probably not doing it to the extent necessary… or showing the right types of information.

Bill Good has always taught that a prospect buys when their desire for what you offer outweighs their fear of change. Ric has discovered that focusing on the Cost of the Problem is one of the fastest ways to reach this conversion point… and one of the easiest ways to truly differentiate yourself from your competitors.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • What busy HNW professionals really want, the top reasons they don’t close, and how to use the Show, Don’t Tell principal to provide the former and avoid the latter.
  • How to determine the Cost of the Problem for each individual prospect (instead of relying on generic information that isn’t specific to them).
  • The types of data that truly shows the value you provide and why not working with you would be so costly.
  • How to show that data in visual form that makes immediate sense to prospects (including in-person meetings, Zoom appointments, and even over email).
  • How to adapt your sales presentation for when the markets are going up and when the markets are going down.

The three parts of a successful close, and how to reconfigure your sales presentation to close prospects in just one meeting.

In our experience, too many financial advisors try to sell prospects the same thing. Their sales presentation is the same as every other investment advisor. They cannot differentiate themselves by simply describing their service, no matter how handsomely it’s presented.

Because when you tell, you can’t differentiate. When you show, you can.

On this webinar, you will learn how to truly show you are different. How to show the value you add. How to show why you are better than the huge bank next door or the latest investing app fad. And in doing so, you will learn how to close busy professionals, HNW investors, and other tough prospects in just one appointment.

So, if you:

  • Are unhappy with your closing ratio and want to boost it…
  • Need to shorten your sales cycle and want to close prospects in just one meeting…
  • Want to break into a more lucrative – but also tougher – market…

DO NOT SKIP THIS WEBINAR. It may be one of the best hours you spend all year.

Ric Lager

Financial Advisor

Lager & Company Inc.

Matthew Bailey

Director of Content

Bill Good Marketing

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