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The BEST best Practices

6 Best Practices To Improve Your Bottom Line

Bill Good Marketing has been around for over 40 years, longer than almost any other coaching service, content provider, or CRM platform in the industry.

How have we survived so long?

Best Practices.

124 of them to be exact. Covering every area of your business from Practice Management to Marketing, Prospecting to Branding, and more.

We have compiled and organized them over the 40+ years into the 110% Gorilla Chart.

We use them, we teach them, they are our business bible.

So, let’s define it.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a best practice is “a procedure that has been shown by research and experience to produce optimal results and that is established or proposed as a standard suitable for widespread adoption.”

Now, the BGM spin on it is that there is an ebb and flow to our best practices. Sometimes we add them, sometimes we remove them.


Because we are constantly challenging and reaffirming the efficacy of our Best Practices.

For what purpose?

To help our advisors ‘double production or work half as much.’

In fact, we are in constant communication with advisors across the country to source real-time feedback on how well these Best Practices are working, or not working, and any new things they are doing successfully.

Again, why?

We only want what’s working now.

The objective is to remove the time-wasting grunt work and provide our clients with items they can quickly and easily implement to help improve their bottom line.

Bill Good

Founder & Chairman

Bill Good Marketing

Matt Hicken

Sr. VP of Client Success

Bill Good Marketing

In this webinar, Bill, Matt, and Matthew will discuss the 6 Best Practices from the NEW chart that you need to know, plus how to implement them immediately.

This Best Practices webinar will cover:

Why You Should Follow ‘The Law’ – The single most important Best Practice in The System. This Best Practice states that ‘every contact, or attempted contact, with a client or prospect should result in an updated record.”

Without abiding by The Law, you undermine all efforts made by you and your team.

What you may not realize is that missing critical information leads to missing opportunities. Which translates into missing out on potential revenue. Not to mention the hundreds of practices that have been saved due to thorough notes.

We will address other ways following The Law will help you strengthen relationships, find new money, and increase your bottom line.

The Second Most Important Best Practice in The System Bill has done a study a number of times on Advisors’ and their time. Every time he has found that a financial advisor, doing what they do best (meeting with qualified clients and prospects) is worth $1,000 an hour.

This study led to the creation of the second most important Best Practice: protecting the advisor’s time.

Your webinar hosts will share different ways your team can help protect your time, allowing you to make more money.

Birds of a Feather… – You love your top-tier clients, right? That’s why they are top-tier, after all.  So, you ideally want more of them, right? Right. But – how do you get them? Where do you start? We will discuss the Best Practice for finding prospects that mimic your best clients, giving you more of the best of what you have. More better is best!

Cherries vs. Pits – Bill wrote the book ‘Hot Prospects’ (get it here, it’s worth it, I promise.) 

In that book, he describes prospects in terms of cherries. The riper the cherry – the more qualified the prospect. It’s a highly effective comparison. 

On this webinar he will help you identify a highly qualified lead – a cherry, as well as helping you eliminate time-wasters – pits. Pursuing the cherries and avoiding the pits will increase your ROI and prevent you from exerting wasted energy. 

Seminars- What’s Working NOW – Seminars have fundamentally been one of the best prospecting channels for advisors. However, the last 12 months have been a lot of trial and error due to the restrictions placed by the pandemic. The shift to webinars changed a lot, and many people were unable to adapt, putting their most profitable source of prospecting on hold.

Well, now the world is slowly going back to normal, and for most of you that means restarting your marketing efforts. 

Bill and his co-hosts will share what topics are trending to be effective now. Helping you capitalize and increase your ROI for these events. 

Increase Your Closing-Rate by 70%-100%, Immediately – We will share the NEWEST Best Practice for improving your close rate. It’s simple, effective, costs nothing, and best of all, you can implement it now.

If you are ready to double your production, you need to watch this webinar.

If you are looking to maintain your production but want more freedom to work half as much, you need to watch this webinar.

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