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The Four Phases:

The Way of Powering Past Plateaus

This dynamic duo have been coaching financial advisors since the early 2000s, including some of the top FAs to ever use our System. (Think Ed Blumenthal, Rhonda Ferguson, Rob Rose, Mike Robertson, Chad Henry, Keith VanderVeen, Ira Walker, Ray Dunlap, and many, many more.)

Live from AdvisorCon in Charleston SC, Matt and Tony recorded a live Strategy School session about one of the most important topics they’ve encountered in the past twelve months:


In working with advisors who manage anywhere from $10M to multiple billions in AUM, Matt and Tony have seen each every one hit plateaus in their growth. These are levels where everything just seems like too much work and it feels impossible to push through.

Everyone hits plateaus at various points in their career. The problem is that most advisors who hit these plateaus do one of three things:

They get comfortable
They wear out trying to break through
They implement the best practices that are specifically designed to help them break through.
These best practices can be broken down into Four Phases. All of the top advisors on our System have gone through each of these phases. Some spent more time in a particular phase than others, but every single one got through all four. That is how they were able to build practices ranging from $500M to over $2.5 billion in AUM.

In 2022 alone, Matt and Tony have coached dozens of advisors on how to break through. In this recording, they share some of the most important best practices for climbing above plateaus and getting back to consistent, steady growth.

You will learn the Four Phases of advisor growth and how to know which one you are in. Then, Matt and Tony will break down the key best practices for each phase, including how to strengthen your team, better engage with clients, build a pipeline that consistently delivers new leads, and more.

As you may remember, the theme of the 2022 AdvisorCon was advisor evolution. To become a top advisor, you must continually evolve yourself and your practice to meet new challenges and overcome plateaus. In this recording, you will learn how to do exactly that.

Matt Hicken AAMS ®

Sr. VP of Client Success

Bill Good Marketing

Tony Parmenter

Sr. VP of Quality Assurance

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