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A New Era of Marketing Excellence

For the first time ever, we are making the Bill Good Marketing Content Library available to you via the Wells Fargo MyMarketing portal!

That means hundreds of time-tested, compliance-approved marketing pieces are now at your disposal. All written specifically to help you create stronger client engagement

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What You Get With a Bill Good Marketing Subscription via the MyMarketing Portal

Bill Good Marketing’s letters and other content have helped advisors grow for over forty years. We work extremely hard to make every piece engaging, enlightening, entertaining, and encouraging. Our goal with each message is to make your clients and prospects feel something about you, whether that something is confidence, gratitude, want, or even love. The result is prospects who think of you the moment they need a financial advisor…and clients who will never, ever go anywhere else. 

We are so excited to partner with Wells Fargo to put this content right at your fingertips. 

Compliance-Approved Content

We have worked closely with Wells Fargo to get all our content pre-approved by WFA Compliance, so you can pick what you want and send it out with no fuss and no muss! This seamless process guarantees that your content is always compliant and ready to go.

Content For Dominating Every Channel

There are many ways to deepen relationships, promote new business, and build Top-of-Mind Awareness with your clients and prospects…and Bill Good Marketing’s Content Library will help you leverage them all! You can send physical letters for a real personal touch.  You can send emails to reach lots of people quickly.  You can post pre-approved content to your website to enhance your SEO, and social media to reach new audiences.  

New Content Added Every Month

Your BGM Content Subscription doesn’t just give you access to pre-written, evergreen material. We write new messages – on the markets, on holidays, and plenty of other topics and occasions – every single week of the year. You will never run out of engaging material to send to your clients and prospects. 

Holiday Messages

On the MyMarketing portal, you will find messages for every major holiday, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and more.  These messages create a tremendous amount of goodwill with clients and prospects, because they paint you as both a good citizen and a trustworthy, caring individual. 

In other words, they show your clients that you are not just someone who cares about numbers, but someone who cares about them.  As a result, holiday letters often result in new business and referrals…and your clients will usually share them with family and friends, which often leads to new introductions! 

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We must confess, Bill, we had no idea the holiday letters would elicit the responses received from clients. They have emailed, texted, called, and even sent cards to thank us for them. During a recent call, a client delightfully remarked that she was so tickled with the letter that she left it out for friends and neighbors to read. And yet another client noted that she so appreciates the holiday letters because ‘it makes you part of the family – you’re not just sending us a bunch of stuff with numbers.’ We would be neglectful if we didn’t mention that some of these replies have also included – at the clients’ initiative – discussions involving the transfer of additional assets to us. Your process is timeless.  It cements relationships and ultimately turns clients into advocates.”

Brian U. | Pennsylvania, USA

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wells fargo

Handholding & Market Update Messages

Whenever there is bad or unsettling news about the markets, we write you a handholding message to send out. And every month, we release a new letter that breaks down what is driving the markets in plain English. These letters are now submitted straight to the MyMarketing portal!

The result: Your clients feel calm knowing there is a steady hand on the wheel, and prospects see you as a true expert advisor whom they can turn to for financial advice.

Educational infographics, social media posts, and more!

These days, there are lots of content providers with educational material – but it’s all high on slickness and low on substance.  Bill Good Marketing’s educational content – including multi-letter series, infographics, social media posts, targeted newsletters for pre-retirees, and more – not only educates but demonstrates that you are the premier expert in your field.  They also help you enhance your digital presence and connect with more people via social media!    

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Etiquette Messages

One of the most important ways you can deepen relationships with clients and prospects is to reach out to them during important moments in their life. When a prospect is sick or bereaved. When a client is going through a major life change, like the birth of a new child, or has accomplished a major goal. To help, the MyMarketing portal now contains many of our timeless etiquette messages for dozens of different situations.

“I sent a client the “one-year later” condolence message.  I just received the below email today in response.  Thought I’d share.  This type of “Thank you” is a regular occurrence from the Bill Good letters.”

“Dear Lisa: My husband and I cannot thank you enough for the kindness you have shown us in the recent letter you sent in remembrance of our beloved daughter.  Your words literally brought tears to us as you acknowledged her in such a kind and thoughtful way.  It means the world to us that you would not only think of us on this upcoming anniversary of her passing, but would actually take the time to make those thoughts of kindness known.  We will ALWAYS remember this.”

Lisa A. | Missouri, USA

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Don't Just Take It From Us...

We Let the Results Speak for Themselves

Meet Brandon

"One of my clients has a wealthy spouse who I've been trying to work with for years. Recently, I sent them your 'Red Bandana' letter. My client called in to say, "your letter moved my wife to tears. We need to come in and meet with you." They came in, and his spouse moved $800k to my management, meaning I now have $1.2M between them."
I want results like Brandon!

Meet Curtis

"Over the last few months, we have mailed 4 letters to a 401(k) participant with a small account balance. This morning, a guy stopped in the office and said, “I’ve been getting your letters and liked what I read; I wanted to come in to see you.” His wife (the participant) just left her employer and now wants to roll her 401(k). She also has a traditional IRA and a ROTH as well (all somewhere else). So does he. They are selling a rental property and will have that cash available to invest as well. So he asked if we could help them with all of it… He does not have email, but has six figures for us to invest. Dear Bill: please stop marketing your System to my competitors. They could save a lot of money on postage."
I want results like Curtis!

Meet Mark

"I had a prospect who was procrastinating due to the death of her husband. She was stalled after interviewing several advisors. But I sent her drip letters, birthday letters, holiday letters, and market “don’t panic” letters over the span of eight months. As a result, these message campaigns helped me close a $2.7 million client."
I want results like Mark!

Meet Don

"I was on the Bill Good System when I went from $300,000 to over $2,000,000 in nine years. That's one helluva growth rate. Recently, three different families have shown me 3-ring binders with all the letters I sent them. Most of these letters are from Bill Good Marketing. They love them, especially the holiday letters."
I want results like Don!

Meet Ryan

“I sent out Bill Good’s newest handholding letter on China and the recent market volatility. A client is now transferring in about $250,000 from Vanguard. Another client came in this morning with the letter and said, ‘You are spot on as it gets.” He is now transferring in the last $1,300,000 from the competition.”
I want results like Ryan!

Meet Benjamin

"Bill, these letters have helped us cement relationships with our clients. Interestingly, it’s also helping on the multi-generational front. We have had a situation recently where a client passed away. We are keeping three out of the four kids. One of them commented, “Dad kept all your letters. We found them. And read them. We love them too.” We love the natural way, the no-sales way the letters are written. We are now able to talk to people through the letters. By the way, we have lots of tech people among our clients. Interestingly, they love getting physical letters."
I want results like Benjamin!


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