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The 12 Letters Every Advisor Should Send in 2023

Interest rates have skyrocketed. The markets have been rocky. A recession, in all likelihood, is coming.

Ask yourself right now: “Where is my growth going to come from in 2023?” 

Chances are, the two main places are referrals and new assets from existing clients. If so, you’re going to love our upcoming webinar – where we’ll show you how to maximize both channels in 2023 using one simple tool:


Sending content consistently to clients and prospects remains the simplest, most consistent way to create Top of Mind Awareness, build goodwill, and demonstrate your expertise. But not all content is created equal. There is good content and bad content, not to mention wrong ways to send it and right ways.

Good content can deepen relationships, convert prospects into clients, and help you uncover opportunities to bring in out-of-house assets. So, on this webinar, Stephanie Peterson, our Head of Growth, and Matthew Bailey, our Director of Client Content, are going to share which types of letters and other marketing content – including individual topics and what months to touch on them – that are proven to help you find new assets and generate more referrals. You’ll learn what the top advisors sent in 2022 and what they’re planning to send in 2023 to maximize prospect and client engagement.

You’ll learn: Why content marketing is so important

A few weeks ago, one of our best clients, Bob Bennie, sent us this email:

“This year we’ve put a lot more into our communication strategies, including consistently sending out letters. As a result, we’ve had more calls come into our office in the last year than in the previous 26 years put together. These calls are referrals and people wanting to do business with us!”  

These days, investors – your clients and prospects – are bombarded with “content” every which way they turn. From the financial news on TV, to your broker/dealer, to other advisors, they are constantly subject to noise. Noise that tends to be bewildering, confusing, and worst of all, impersonal.

For you, this comes with good news and bad news. The bad news is that it’s harder these days to cut through that noise and be seen and heard.

The good news is that, by applying just a few best practices, you can make your content stand waaaaaaay out from the crowd. You can educate your prospects about their options. You can make your clients feel confident in the direction they’re going. And you can make both groups feel positive, touched, and inspired.

The result of all this?

You can make them feel really darn good about you. And that,  is what leads to new client assets and more client referrals.

That, in a nutshell, is what we will show you how to do on this webinar. Using everything we’ve learned over the past year, we’re going to give you the most up-to-date best practices and ideas for using letters, emails, and other forms of content to strengthen relationships and build your business. Even during times of market volatility and economic uncertainty.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • The five most important best practices for making your content stand out from your competitors.
  • The twelve most important letters you can send in 2023 that are proven to generate business and build goodwill.
  • Which types of content work and which don’t in terms of helping you deepen relationships, generate referrals, and bring in more assets.
  • What the top financial advisors are doing to ensure their clients read, appreciate, and share the content they’re sending. (That last one is so important!)
  • BONUS: The five most productive asset channels – referrals is just one – you should focus on in 2023, and how to use your marketing content to maximize each.

Bill Good has always taught that sending out consistent marketing content is key to:

  1. A) Client retention
  2. B) New assets
  3. C) New clients

It is the simplest and most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. In just one hour, we’re going to give you advisor-tested ideas on how to maximize it. Ideas that should play a central role in your business planning for 2023.


As a special holiday season gift, every attendee will receive not one, but two special pieces of marketing content they can use before the end of the year!

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